Monday, February 15, 2010

Mid-February in Michigan

Weary of winter white...that's where I am at again! Seems like I was here last year. Oh well, we know that in a month perhaps the snow will melt again. I am so ready for some color in my life!

I'm amazed at the hits this blog is getting when I'm not even blogging. I have chosen to stay away from Facebook. I can't even keep up with blogging! I used to be such a writer, and now I can't seem to think of anything to write about.

I went out to add a snow picture to this blog, and find out I've forgotten how to do that. I'll keep playing with that one and see if it comes back to me. (I was able to add a picture from my folder).

I've been working this winter while my co-worker has been in Florida. I'm so glad I've had something to keep me busy during the cold and snow. I truly enjoy living on the same grounds where I work. I even walk the dogs to work with me now and then. They are very antsy to get out. They miss our two mile walks. I tend to not walk much when it's icy out. I know how quickly the feet can slip out from under me.

I just heard that Alabama and Tennessee are getting 3" of snow. I know it has been tough this winter for the southern states, and the eastern states. For Michigan it's been more or less a typical winter. In fact, I don't think we have had as much snow as last year. However, it has been a very cold winter. How grateful I am to have a warm house.

Simple things...and yet such extravagance compared to some parts of our world and some walk of life. How do the homeless survive the wicked elements of winter? How do thousands of people survive living in cardboard boxes or under plastic sheets down in Haiti? These things I don't understand, and these are the things I give to the Father in prayer. Life is unfair. I am so looking forward to a better world, a heavenly world, where the last will be first.

Supper tonight is strawberry shortcake. We have a meal of strawberries and biscuits about once a week, just to bring "spring" to the table. What will the homeless and the misplaced people eat tonight?

We have given up TV basically. We haven't cut the satellite service off yet, but we are choosing to not spend our evenings in front of the screen. Exception was the Super Bowl, and now the Olympics. I want to see the scenery around Vancouver. But once that's over, I don't know what we will do about satellite service. What do the homeless and earthquake victims do for entertainment?

Hubby has been keeping busy with projects in his workshop. I've been doing much more reading, and playing Internet Backgammon and Free Cell. I've also been out visiting our widow ladies a little more. I know they are so very ready for spring when they can get out of their cottages and walk or ride bikes or golf carts.

Time to find another diversion. Like fixing supper!