Monday, November 3, 2014

November 2014 Update

I have not posted for quite a while, and yet some of you keep checking back faithfully.  Thank you.  I do hope eventually to get back to my series on "My Story, God's Story".  I only got about half way through my life while I was writing it last winter.  Perhaps this winter I will start in again while I am shut in on the cold blustery days.

This fall I have been teaching a women's Bible Study on Galatians:  "Gleaning Galatians - To Be Set Free".  We met in the back room of the campground snack bar until mid-October.  Now that the snack bar has closed for the winter, we are meeting in the campground Prayer Cottage.  This study should be completed in early December, as I know women will be getting ready for the holidays by then...decorating, shopping, all the things we look forward to as we prepare for time with our families.

We have made plans to meet with our family in Branson, MO this year.  I made reservations for a time share with three bedrooms, and that should pretty much take care of us, along with the sofa bed in the living room.  We will have a new family member join us this year, and we looking forward to getting to know her better.  She comes to us from the state of Texas, so she has a warm southern accent, and I love to hear her talk!

We had our first snow fall last week, but just flurries in the air...nothing that stuck to the ground.  We've been busy keeping the leaves mulched, and hopefully we are getting to the end of that forever task!

I'm still out walking 2-4 miles a day, so I so thankful for the days that have sun shining!!  And that's what we have today, so I need to get walking!!