Friday, October 16, 2009

Baby, It's Cold Outside!

When I was blogging on Thursday morning, little did I realize that we would have our first snow of the season that morning! Granted, nothing stuck, no accumulation, but it was white flakes, not liquid, dropping out of the sky. It's been cold this fact it is 39 degrees out even as I write on a late Friday afternoon. The dogs and I took a brisk walk...the wind whipping in from the lake froze my face, it seemed.

I look outside, and the trees are still full of leaves...not that many have fallen, and we really haven't even had a peak color season yet. Last week we were driving through Kentucky and southwest Ohio, where the colors were much more vibrant than here in lower Michigan.

I am thinking perhaps this weekend we need to drain our pipes at the cottage and get it totally prepared for winter!! It's time for the camp to shut off the water in our RV section and in all of the bathhouses. The boats have been put in storage for the winter. Our Leaseholders are starting to trickle away south little by little. It's becoming very quiet on the campground. Thank goodness for our weekend guests!! This weekend we have two groups in...a church board retreat and a ladies scrapbooking group.

Well...that's it for this time...not much going on.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Catch Up Time

I haven't posted since May...been a busy summer, I guess!! Actually, I sort of lost my interest in blogging in the midst of being a busy summer. I knew I would get back to it sometime. What is interesting to me is that since I don't have any regular followers reading my blog, I have still had almost a thousand hits during the time lapse. I still contend that I blog for my own pleasure, not for a reading audience.

This was our fifth year at Indian Lake Nazarene Camp, our fifth camping season. I would have to say it has been our best. The economy did not affect the number of people that used the campgrounds over the summer. Our youth camps were perhaps a little down, but they were some of the best camps we have had. Behavior this summer was at an all time vandalism, no big issues to deal with. The speakers we had were phenomenal...Suzie Shellenberger was a hit for all ages...cross generational speaker at our family camp. The weather was camp-perfect!! It was a cooler summer and a dryer summer, which is excellent weather for camping. The "outback" (Fort Wilderness to some) was in use almost every camp, and many of the campers canoed down the Portage River. So the 2009 Camping Season gets an A+!

We were privileged to have our granddaughters with us twice this year. They came for two weeks in June and then we just had them again for 10 days while Leia was on her fall school break (her school is a year round school...nine weeks on, three weeks off). What a delight to have the two girls with us...both are so precious, so creative, so gifted. I love to pray with them every night before they go to bed, and recap God's goodness to us during that day. My purpose while they are visiting is to pour as much Jesus into them as I can. They also have many friends (children and adults) on the campgrounds who enjoy having them visit.

Fall came's cold and damp most of the time...rather dreary. We are being warned that we have a severe winter ahead. I love the change of seasons, and I know beyond winter is spring once again. Therefore I will rejoice, for this is the "season" the Lord has made!!

I read a lot of books since last May, but I just updated my book list today. I usually start a new batch of books about once a month. Little by little my shelves are emptying. I'm also back into Greek again, taking Bill Mounce's class on-line. I want to keep my mind sharp, and I am hoping studying Greek will continue to push me.

Time for work.