Friday, October 16, 2009

Baby, It's Cold Outside!

When I was blogging on Thursday morning, little did I realize that we would have our first snow of the season that morning! Granted, nothing stuck, no accumulation, but it was white flakes, not liquid, dropping out of the sky. It's been cold this fact it is 39 degrees out even as I write on a late Friday afternoon. The dogs and I took a brisk walk...the wind whipping in from the lake froze my face, it seemed.

I look outside, and the trees are still full of leaves...not that many have fallen, and we really haven't even had a peak color season yet. Last week we were driving through Kentucky and southwest Ohio, where the colors were much more vibrant than here in lower Michigan.

I am thinking perhaps this weekend we need to drain our pipes at the cottage and get it totally prepared for winter!! It's time for the camp to shut off the water in our RV section and in all of the bathhouses. The boats have been put in storage for the winter. Our Leaseholders are starting to trickle away south little by little. It's becoming very quiet on the campground. Thank goodness for our weekend guests!! This weekend we have two groups in...a church board retreat and a ladies scrapbooking group.

Well...that's it for this time...not much going on.

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