Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Fall...almost gone

The picture I have chosen for the top of my blog, and will also insert here for when I change pictures at the top, is  a fall scene from the campground.  Hubby and Granddaughter are out on mowers, mulching leaves...that's the dust you see in the air.  Mulching is our most desired way to clean up leaves.  We've been out there a lot lately, but we are almost to the end of it...which only means it's time for the next season, ready or not.  Snow.  Winter.  Ice.  Black Ice.  Slippery roads.  Well....let's not go there yet, it will come soon enough!!

You can get a feel for the campground setting with the cabins in the background.  We have close to 200 buildings on the grounds to mow around, so it makes for an interesting chore.  Many are private residents, and they take care of their own yards.  Our granddaughters were here for a week on their fall break from school, so we put the oldest one to work mulching and helping us winterize our cabin next door.  She wants to inherit it some day, so she might as well know how to take care of it!

I want to do a blog on our fall vacation with the girls, as we did some Route 66 in Illinois.  Just haven't been in the mood.  But it is forthcoming.  Also, yesterday we had to put our oldest dog to sleep, Tuxedo, at almost 15 years of age.  Tough, tough thing to do.  Still crying.  Will write about his life another blog.  For now, I have some errands to run...gotta go!!