Sunday, January 6, 2013

It Was a Beary Panda Christmas

Almost at the last moment we decided to book a time share down in Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri, for our Christmas get away.  It was about a three hour drive southwest of our son's home, and he was able to bring our granddaughters down for the weekend before Christmas.  So we celebrated together by opening gifts on Saturday morning, and having the big Christmas dinner on Sunday before Christmas.  They left Christmas Eve, and we were left behind.  It was a relaxing time for us, but just lonely when the family is not there.  Christmas day we had chili for dinner and then went to see "Parental Guidance", a comedy about grandparents taking care of their grandkids for a few days.  We enjoyed it, and we could relate!!

Anyway, here are a few pictures of our time together.  This year Sunshine ended up getting panda bear gift items from almost everyone.  We gave her a few bears,  Princess still loves purple, so we found a purple bear for her.  Both girls were given bear backpacks for sleepover parties.  And the girls gave their Dad a Panda Bear gift card.  As you can see on the picture, the bears ended up being tree ornaments...CUTE!!
 Sunshine got her first very own computer, so she was busy the rest of the time working on a Sims program, designing houses and interior design.  Very good at that, I might add!

Princess kept herself busy playing cook and waitress, for real (helping me) and with her play dough pizza oven.  Her favorite gift was a wipe board and markers.  She took food orders, made lists of things to do, and you name it.  Totally entertained!

We went out to the Prime Outlet Mall in Osage Beach one day, since the weather was sunny and mild (50's).  There were over 100 stores, and we found a few places to spend our Christmas bucks.  We also took a drive through the area, having never been there before.  It's really a pretty place, and no doubt quite a tourist trap in the warmer months.

In 1931 Bagnell Dam was built on Osage River, and the largest man-made lake in the world at that time was developed.  There are 1,150 miles of shoreline around the Lake of the Ozarks, when you zig-zag through all the inlets on the 54,000 acre reservoir.  That's longer than the coast of California!  The area is well known for all the water, boating, swimming.  There's lots of unique shops in the area, as well as 22 golf courses.  You can see why it would be popular in the warmer months!!

We made lots of Christmas sugar cookies that weekend. The girls got very creative in their decorating.  They made all colors of frosting:  green, red, white, purple, orange, blue.  Some were just too pretty to eat...but we did anyway!  I only make sugar cookies when I have these helpers around!!

 There was a grocery store (Paul's Supermarket) close to our condo that had kid-size grocery carts.  Princess had all the food in her cart before we put it on the check-out belt.  Those carts were so cute...great for kids helping with groceries!!

We had Christmas nachos...see the green and red chips?  We did eat out at a Mexican restaurant one night...not the best one we have been to, so I won't mention the name.  And we went out for pizza one night...again, bad pizza.  It was a Greek restaurant, and we just made a bad choice.  We ate the rest of the meals at the condo, and Princess was very glad to set the table and deliver the food.  The condo had a pass through window from the alley kitchen to the dining table, so we had fun with that.

Well, the sun set on our time together...did I mention we played lots of games and Princess and I went to the indoor pool.  She also had fun playing in the Jacuzzi.  Meanwhile, Sunshine was still busy on the computer, creating!

On our way back home, Paul and I stopped in St. Louis to visit our son at his work place.  Then we went to Micro Center, a large computer store.  While there I found one more thing I just knew that Sunshine needed to add to her Panda/Computer Christmas...a mouse pad.  It got mailed back to her.  Thus went our Christmas 2012.  In honor of Christ, we had daily devotions together with the reading of God's Word, a devotional booklet, and prayer.  Thank you, Jesus, for your gift to me:  Your love, a way to heaven, and the family you have given me for this earthly journey.