Thursday, July 31, 2008


"Drifting always takes place when we make the Scriptures only one avenue of revelation among many. The peak of self-centered carnality is to think my academic opinion is equal to what God has spoken. My thinking made superior to His wisdom and revelation is the pinnacle of folly. Folly still abides in believing God is speaking His Word, but I must interpret it for my day. A thorough knowledge of theology and my culture does not give me the ability to adequately apply truth. The indwelt Author must speak His Word to my life and I must listen intently as He applies it to my living. "Jesus is Lord of my life" means that I bend my entire life experience under the authority of what He speaks through His Word. I am not adequate to interpret it; I must surrender to it!

The Author of the Scriptures will not allow us to drift if we listen to His Word. He will not allow us to miss His revelation of truth for our day, if we will come under the authority of His Word. Is this not the solution for our drifting?

(Stephen Manley, "The Evangelists' Perspective", summer 2008, pg. 19-20)

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