Sunday, December 7, 2008

Changes...I love them!

Decided to revamp this blog a bit...give it a new title (since I will no longer be quoting any source except God's Word...He has given me permission to do so, no matter what version I choose to use), and what I share here will be what I am thinking about.

Like that picture? Hubby and I made a ten day trip up along the west coast of Michigan all the way to Mackinac Island and back home again back in October. We tried to stop at most of the light houses along the way. Have you ever walked in sand dunes? It is NOT easy!! Look again, way out past the light house....see that ship passing through on Lake Michigan? Michigan is a great place to visit, vacation, in any season, but I highly recommend the fall color season.

Well, stop back again never know what I'll be thinking!

Any guesses where the above picture was taken? Surely all true blue Michiganders will recognize this spot. It's best gotten to by bike, and the whole area is surrounded by water. In fact, there are no motor vehicles allowed! Bikes, horses, carriages...a step back in time..."Somewhere In Time"!

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