Sunday, October 16, 2011

Home Again!

After a week of relaxation in the prairies of Canada, we are back home in the saddle again.  Had an interesting train ride, and I can verify that if you plan to travel by train, plan to sit back and forget your schedule.  You are on the train's schedule!!  We were ready for that, and decided whatever happened, it was to be part of our trip experience.

Arriving in Shelby on October 7th, the train was two hours late.  Since we were being picked up by a designated driver to take us four hours north to our final destination, we had to keep in contact with her to confirm arrival.  She ended up waiting for us an hour, not too bad.  

On our trip back, our train didn't take off from Shelby until 1.5 hours late, and by the time we got to Chicago, where we were to switch trains, we were four hours late.  Our connection to Kalamazoo had left an hour before.  But it's part of the trip, right? anxiety, no worry, just go with the flow.  

Amtrak delivered us to a Holiday Inn for the night, gave us $100 for food, and picked us up the next morning so we could catch our noon train to Kalamazoo. to have a shower (after two days on the train), order a pizza, watch some baseball, have a terrific breakfast buffet, and arrived in Kalamazoo much more refreshed than we would have the night before.  A very good part of our trip!  Yes, I would take the train again, and remember that schedules are out the window on the train.

Most of the scenery between Chicago and Shelby, MT wasn't all that terrific.  No real color...just sort of bland.  Mostly prairies, some rivers, lots of junk yards (why do they place those along the train tracks?).  It was relaxing for hubby to be able to nap or work on his computer rather than drive all those miles!

I believe I already covered our stay in Rosebud in the last blog. Not too much to do there.  We did go into Drumheller one day to do some shopping, but the rest of the time we walked to church (on the other side of the hamlet from where we were staying...half a mile), walked to the restaurant...halfway between the house and the church.  We walked to the golf course one day, but it was closed for the season.  We had very nice weather, and lots of time for being with our friends and getting to know about how they were doing in this little country area without even a place to buy milk (or chocolate!!).  

When we got back into Kalamazoo yesterday, it was strange how all of a sudden I loved seeing all the stores and gas stations and restaurants and car lots!!  I just wanted to embrace it all!!  I am not a city girl...I consider myself a country girl, but not a wilderness girl.  I need a few people to see, a few places to go, a few things to do.  So I am home, and I am happy.

I'm missing the St. Louis Cardinals baseball game, so let me wrap this blog up with my devotional readings.


  • The heart is the most deceitful thing there is, and desperately wicked.  No one can really know how bad it is!  Only the Lord knows!  He searches all hearts and examines deepest motives so he can give to each person his right reward, according to his deeds---how he has lived. (17:9-10)
  • But if you obey me, says the Lord, and refuse to work on the Sabbath day and keep it separate, special and holy, then this nation shall continue forever.  (17:24-25)
I Thessalonians:
  • For God wants you to be holy and pure, and to keep clear of all sexual sin so that each of you will marry in holiness and honor.  (4:3-4)
  • For God has not called us to be dirty-minded and full of lust, but to be holy and clean.  (4:7)
  • This should be your ambition:  to live a quiet life, minding your own business and doing your own work, just as we told you before.  As a result, people who are not Christians will trust and respect you, and you will not need to depend on others for enough money to pay your bills.  (4:11-12)  (cdc note:  this has been my verse this past year that God has given me to read over and over and implant it in my head and heart...pretty good verse!)
  • Always be joyful.  Always keep on praying.  No matter what happens, always be thankful, for this is God's will for you to belong to Christ Jesus.  (5:16)
  • May the God of peace himself make you entirely pure and devoted to God; and may your spirit and soul and body be kept strong and blameless until that day when our Lord Jesus Christ comes back again.  God, who called you to become his child, will do all of this for you, just as he promised.  (5:23-24)

2 Thessalonians:
  • God chose from the very first to give you salvation, cleansing you by the work of the Holy Spirit and by your trusting in the truth.  (2:13)
  • With all these things in mind, dear brothers, stand firm, and keep a strong grip on the truth.  (2:15)
  • But the Lord is faithful; he will make you strong and guard you from satanic attacks of every kind.  (3:3)
  • May the Lord bring you in ever deeper understanding of the love of God and of the patience that comes from Christ.  (3:5)

  • I am listening carefully to all the Lord is saying---for he speaks peace to his people.  (85:8)

  • It is a badge of honor to accept valid criticism.  (25:12)
  • Be patient and you will finally win, for a soft tongue can break hard bones.  (25:15)

The Word for You Today:
1.  Three Rules for Living:
  • decide what's important
  • prioritize your time
  • learn to motivate yourself (encourage yourself, pray and build yourself up)
2.  Learn to Delegate:
  • let go of the burdens God did not intend to be yours, and pay attention on what He has called you to do
3.  How to Turn Your Life Around:
  • select a mentor that is right for you
  • select the right field for you
  • allow God to guide you in these selections

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