Sunday, September 30, 2012

Guidelines To Live By

I read an article in a local Senior Living magazine, called "Spark", about "Rules".  The author listed some of his rules that he lives by and asked us to send him some of our "pearls of wisdom".  I decided not only would I send them, I would also make it a blog.  (I know, it's been quite a while since I wrote a blog.)  So, here are my Guidelines To Live By:

1.  Above all else, be honest.  Be honest with your feelings  your words, and your actions.  The conscience rests much easier when you know you have been honest, for deceit is destructive.

2.  Give everything over to God:  the hurts, the anger, the frustration, the confusion, the "whys?".  The only safe and sane place for it is in God's control.  Otherwise IT begins to control You, and guess who loses!

3.  Always part leaving the best impression you can, for it may be the last impression you leave.  Life is so uncertain.

4.  Remember life is a moment by moment commitment.  Determine to whom and to what you are committed, and live it moment by moment.  God's will for you is not "here" or "there" or "this" or "that", but it is simply that you be totally submitted, totally obedient to Him in each situation, each moment that comes your way.

For anyone reading this blog, I would love some comments back from you as to what your guidelines are.  In these days, it's easy to wonder if anyone has encourage me...let me know there are still some people who believe in absolutes.

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