Thursday, December 13, 2012

My Favorite "Kids"....

Top picture is of my granddaughters, 2011.

Middle pictures is of my Shih tzu, Kefli, 2012.

Bottom picture is of Tuxedo, our Pekingese, whom we had to put to sleep a month ago.  He was going on 15, and lived a long good life.  The little growth on his lip became a huge cyst which could not not be taken care of.  We had it removed once, and it came back, and the vet said surgery a second time would not take care of it.  So between old age and its complications, and the histamine cyst, we ended his suffering, even though it broke our hearts to say goodbye.

Tux was born one year before our oldest granddaughter, so they more or less grew up together.  They were good buddies.  He loved having her come to visit, as she gave him lots of attention.  He was such an obedient dog, and very disciplined.  He did not like to eat dog chewies or junk food.  He loved taking walks, and being outside.  He survived many obstacles in his stepping on him when he was a few weeks old; a German Shepherd picking him up and shaking him like a rag doll; me running over him with our golf cart (he went between the wheels, not under).  Each of those incidents had me sure he was a goner, yet he survived, shook it off, and went on with life.  He taught me much.

Kefli and Tux were buddies, and she has been very sad since he has been gone.  We took her to see Santa at a pet shop recently, after attending the Vicksburg Christmas Parade...her first parade.  She's been going almost everywhere with us, including work, as we hate to leave her alone.  But she just doesn't have her sparkle and pep she used to have.  I don't want to get another dog, or we'll go through the same thing with that dog when Kefli must leave us.  I hope time will help her come around.  She's 11 years old, so I don't know how much longer we will have her, but she's always looked and acted like a puppy...until now.

So this is my post on Tuxedo...still sort of sad to talk about.  His life represented 15 years of our lives.  Lots happened during those 15 years...lots of memories.  And he is in the midst of them.

Looking forward to Christmas...we get to see our granddaughters once again for a few short days, but still a treat for us!!  I'm done shopping, done sending cards, done decorating.  Just passing the days, enjoying the season.  I love the lights and music.  But most of all, I love Jesus.  He is my reason for living, my reason for giving, my reason for pressing on.  In all my ways I will acknowledge Him, and I know He will direct my paths!

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