Sunday, February 17, 2013

1 - My Story, God's Story - Intro

Our small group is studying Max Lucado's "God's Story, Your Story", which is about how our story, our journey through life, is really indwelt in God's story.  We were each created by Him, and there is nothing we go through in life that He doesn't already know about.  There is nothing that is so ugly that He cannot use it for His glory.  I personally believe He goes before us, and paves our way if we choose to follow Him.  If we choose our own path, He is still very aware of our existence and choices.  He is right there waiting for us to call upon Him at our point of need.  He has an amazing way of cleaning up our messes and creating good results from our failures.

In thinking about this journey that I am on with God, I decided perhaps I would start blogging my life story from my perspective.  Hopefully God will inspire me and give me insights as to the times He intervened in my life, and woven His pattern into my tapestry.  I entitled my blog "A Slice of Journal Pie" several yeas ago when I first started sharing my stories, journeys, and Biblical insights on the world wide web.  Even then I knew the blog was just chapters in my life, chapters where I intended that God would use my stories to encourage others.

I've pretty much always been an open book.  I have nothing to hide.  That doesn't mean I haven't had embarrassing times, or shameful times, but I have always given those over to God to use as He sees fit.  I have freedom in knowing I don't have to look back over my shoulder to see if anyone is trying to catch me off guard.  I am who I am, by the grace of God.  I have had several learning experiences, and will have more before I reach my destiny, but it is my prayer that God will continue to whisper to me, "This is the way...walk with me one moment at a time and I will guide you safely home."

This is my first segment.  How shall I title my post?  I want readers to know that this is a continuing series.  Will it be interesting?  Probably not to very many, if any.  Mom would enjoy reading it, but she's already in heaven.  (I sure miss sharing my life with her!)  Will it be detailed?  Probably way too much so.  I was guilty of writing term papers longer than they were supposed to be.  Will it be true?  Without a doubt.  Above all, I cherish honesty.

This is a Sunday night, a beginning of a new week.  I don't know how often I will post, I just know I want to start and we'll see where it leads, how the path winds as I unfold my history, God's history in my life.  I have to admit I am weary of winter white, slippery walkways, and cold to the bone weather.  I need something new to keep me busy inside, for now, and I have needed some new material, thoughts, for my blog.  I am amazed that people continue to stop by.  However, if they are stopping in, I would like to have fresh posts for them (you).  So, here I am, off and running.

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