Friday, December 6, 2013

Current Life Update - Insert

It's been a while since I blogged, you've noticed??  Well, life has had a few changes, and I've not had time to drum my fingers on the table wondering what to write.  My husband is still awaiting employment, but meanwhile we changed locations.  We are now in St. Louis, MO, spending a few weeks with our son and granddaughters (we get to see them on the weekends when they come to visit Dad).  

We had come to St. Louis early November to put some elbow grease into our son's house which needs some TLC.  We decided Paul could search for jobs from here as well as from Michigan, and it's always nice to head south for the winter!!  So we went back home for Thanksgiving, spent a day with Paul's family, and then began marathon packing.  Earlier this week we drove down two vehicles, hauling two trailers, packed to the hilt.  We have enough stuff with us to set up housekeeping when Paul does get a job and we once again get our own place.  Our son's house is large enough to store whatever we brought with us.  

Meanwhile we do have a house and a cottage for sale back at Indian Lake on the campground.  You can view those listings at the camp web site: 
Once you are on the web site, click on Props To Buy and you will see what is currently available for sale on the campground.  I might add that these are cash only sales due to campground restrictions.  Sort of makes it hard to sell a house, but we believe God will provide a buyer in His good time.  We have a caretaker for the house and cottage who will gladly show them for us at our request.

So these days we are keeping busy on this old house.  It has great bones, very nice floor plan, lots of space.  It just needs attention, and that's what we are here make home improvements, and to keep us busy as we await the next phase of life.  We have had one tug on the line, and we are waiting to see if it's the one God intends for us.  Meanwhile, He remains in charge of open and closed doors, and we totally trust Him!!

I hope to be back blogging during this sojourn, but if I don't get back soon to my life story, I wish you all the beauty and rest of this holy season we are now in.  Focus on Jesus, Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul and mind...and meanwhile, love your neighbor as well.  Be a blessing to many, and pass the love of Jesus along!!  You'll be happier, and He will be pleased!!  (and, by the way, if you laugh at wishing you "rest" during this hustle, bustle season, then be sure and read the next sentence following that one...put your focus in the right place, and the other pieces will fall into place for you!)

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