Sunday, May 10, 2015

A Slice of Kenmure

I just changed out my blog heading picture...isn't it beautiful?!  It was a picture I took while on our spring fling through the southeast USA, looking for a place to escape to next winter.  We endured one more winter here in Michigan, and we would like to think it is our last.  You can't find a finer place to live than Michigan in the summer...but we have had it with the winters!!  So, God willing, by next winter we hope to be farther south!!

I'm going to do a blog on our trip, when the mood strikes, but for now I will just say briefly that we have been researching two areas for our next move destination... Hendersonville, North Carolina, and Cleveland, Tennessee...where we basically raised our sons. The picture above is from the Kenmure Golf Community in Hendersonville.  That is a pristine gated golf community, a private course.  They do have seasonal rentals, however, and we find that enticing.  

The beauty of springtime in the southeast can't be beat.  Flowering dogwoods, azaleas, Bradford takes my breath away.  I've often wondered why God didn't create the spring blooming season to last as long as the bareness of winter.  Whatever His reason, spring is definitely a glimpse of heaven!

Because this post will not be under the blog heading picture for long, let me include that picture here:

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