Friday, August 21, 2015

Mountain View, California

Who do I know in Mountain View, California?  I just completed a trip west, from home to San Francisco, with a son.  The road trip west took six days, as we stopped to see family and many sites on the way.  The sites we saw were amazing, as it was my first real road trip west, but it was the precious time I had with my son that I hold dear...a very rare gift.  I plan to post a blog about the trip at some point, when life is not quite so full.  I have close to 500 pictures to sort through first.

Meanwhile, I keep wondering...who do I know in Mountain View, California?  I wish this faithful reader of my blog would leave me a comment, or send me an email.  I wish I was a little more faithful to blog, since you check in from time to time.  Please know I do appreciate someone is following my blog.  I just made a rare post to my "Living Simple, Finishing Well" blog.  I hope many read that post, for I made myself quite vulnerable.

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