Friday, January 9, 2009

The Weather

Ain' no stoppin de snow! It be comin' down and comin' down, and pilin' up and pilin' up. Somebody somewhere better stop singin' da song, "Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!" I'm agoin' stir-crazy in the cottage!

Took an early morning ride in the snow plow truck with the hubby...took two hours just to do the first initial cleanup, before the snow started in again! He spent most of the afternoon out plowing again. Tonight, after our community supper at the ILNC Dining Hall, he'll probably be out a third time.

I have shoveled the doggie path out twice today, and it's almost filled in again. Last year the snow got so high, our little doggies couldn't be seen when they were on the back side of the path, out near the fence. We haven't gotten that much snow...yet. It's supposed to keep this up all through tomorrow, so hard telling how much we'll end up with. I just know I've been perusing the vacation sights, wishing I could escape, but knowing we are here to stay this winter. Hey...two more months and we'll get a break. It's not really all that bad! (It just seems that way in the middle of it!)

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