Saturday, March 13, 2010

Holiness Summit

Tomorrow we will head to Saginaw, Michigan, for our second Holiness Summit. We attended one last year on the campus of Olivet Nazarene University. For three days we drank pure water anointed by the Holy Spirit...refreshing and uplifting and energizing. We didn't want to leave, for we had been in the very presence of the Holy One. Therefore I have great expectations for this year's Holiness Summit. I have been prepping my heart to receive whatever God has for me. I desire to grow more and more in the likeness of Jesus Christ. I desire to be a person of integrity and honesty and purity.

I choose to live simply. My word to live by for 2010 is "simplicity". I am making choices that frees me from materialism and the need for more stuff and the newest styles. I am working toward being debt free, owing no one anything except respect.

We are in our second month without television...cable...satellite. Our entertainment in the evening is a background of easy listening Christian music while we read, work on computers, play games, and just relax and unwind...clearing our minds for the day ahead. It's been good. Hubby is getting many projects done for the camp, and cleaning up his workshop.

Our meals are simple...sometimes just strawberries and biscuits, sometimes just popcorn and diet coke. I'm walking more now that the snow and ice are melted and it's been warmer out. Sunshine is a great motivator for being outside!!!

We are looking forward to an upcoming Tennessee vacation...taking our granddaughters to Gatlinburg for a week. It will be a nostalgic trip for me, going back to our neck of the woods where we raised our boys. It will be fun to take the girls to the Smoky Mountains. It's just Grandma and Grandpa time for us, and we will keep our activities very simple and inexpensive. There is a lot to offer right at the resort, plus I am taking a bag full of games and other activities, and cookies to bake.

Well...tonight is pizza night. I have a home recipe I am using, and hubby is getting hungry. Better be moving along!

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