Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Root Beer Floats

It's the second day of March, and we have had sunshine for two days in a row!! Maybe spring is on its way? Maybe our office accounts receivable clerk came back yesterday after being in Florida for two months...and brought sunshine with her? (She says no...it's been rainy and cold in Florida this winter). Maybe God knew I just needed some sunshine in my life...it's been so dreary lately.

Been going through the nostalgias of life. Missing my deceased parents...especially my Mom, who was my best friend. Missing my spiritual mentor, Lorna. Missing my children and grandchildren, since they live in other states. One son came to visit this past weekend, and I thoroughly enjoyed cooking for him, and taking a tour of South Haven...a town on Lake Michigan. We wanted to see how much ice was piled up along the shoreline.

We spent Sunday night with my in-laws to be there on Monday morning when they had a chimney sweep come for the first time. Just wanted to be sure all went well...and it did. Hubby slept on the couch that night, and I slept in a Lazy Boy recliner. I slept the night through in comfort, but hubby did not. Couch was too short. Dogs had to go out twice in the night (he has night duty).

So, what else are we doing to get us down to spring time, blooming flowers and budding trees, golf cart weather.... With no television, we have been playing more games (mostly Sequence or computer games), and I've been reading more. I visit the elderly a little more often...though not as often as they wish I would, I'm sure. It is so lonely for them, especially when they are shut in because of the weather. I'm also studying my Greek more regularly. It's an exercise I do for the brain.

Since I am on a tight budget for this year, trying to pay off a couple of debts, I have to abide closely to my shopping list. I only go once a week, usually to Wal-mart. It has become a highlight of my week...an outing away from camp, and a challenge to purchase the highest priority items, since I cannot buy everything on my list.

I'm elated to have come through two months this year thus far on my 2010 budget plan. We still have an occasional meal out. It's now a treat for us...not just something to do because we are away from the house. We carefully plan our weekly outings to cover the errands and do our shopping, stretching the gas dollars. It's working for us, and I feel very good about where we are at at this stage in life. Life is becoming more simplified.

And our treat for tonight has been root beer floats. Sounds like a summer kind of thing to have, but it sure was tasty this evening! I'm trying to avoid candy, cookies, chocolate for this month. Fruit, nuts, veggies, and an occasional root beer float. Sounds good to me!! Eating less, walking more...my goal for this spring. Actually walked the dogs to work and back today...we all loved it!!

Looking forward to a break with our granddaughters later this month. That has been on the agenda for a few months, giving us something to focus on to get us through the winter. And in another month our snowbirds will start trickling back home to the campgrounds, giving this place more life than it has had this past winter.

Well, that's enough rambling for tonight. Wish I could get inspired to write something worth while! I really would like to blog more, but I seem to lack interesting material at this time.

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