Sunday, November 21, 2010

Stop Grumbling and Complaining

Good Sermon today by Rev. Tim Smith, Sparta First Church of the Nazarene. His focus on this pre-Thanksgiving Sunday was on gratitude. It's rather difficult to be thankful and complain at the same time. One sort of wipes out the other, you know? When others look at you, listen to they see you as a grateful person, or a grumbler? What do you want to be remembered as?

Well, obviously, the sermon hit me between the eyes. I like to hand out compliments, look for ways to encourage others. But behind the scenes, in my "private" world at home, I do more than my share of grumbling...I might even be a grouch. Wow...I don't want that to be the person people think of when they think of me. I don't want them running away from me, avoiding me. That means I have to change. age 60...does not come easy, or even naturally. I have to make obvious choices to shut my mouth, to turn off the negative thoughts by replacing them with gratitude. I must think on what is right...goood...lovely, and no longer dwell on the things that irk me or disappoint me. I want to be an easy person to live with. I want to learn to laugh more, smile more, reach out more. I've been huddled up in my private world too long, and this past weekend gave me a good dose of what it feels like to be alone and lonely.

The question is...can Carol change at 60? By now I should be a woman of wisdom and have all my ducks in a row and know how to shrug off the disappointments of life. I should know how to focus on the positives in my life. Life is too short to be a complainer, a grumbler. With the grace of God and the nudge of His Holy Spirit and the Lord Jesus Christ living within me I CAN change. And I must. I've been given my marching orders in the sermon this morning. What a practical sermon, full of truth, and very convicting...probably to most of us who heard it. Thank you, Father God, for yet another chance to change. Please help me, starting NOW!!

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