Friday, February 10, 2012

Route 66 - Why?

The book I am currently reading is "Route 66 Adventure Handbook" by Drew Knowles. It has information regarding: "Offbeat Roadside Attractions! Vintage Motels and Cafes! Amazing Natural Wonders!". I read some of the introductory chapters last night, and this guy writes from MY heart. He says what I believe. He states the very thing I stated: Do Not make a "place" your destination....make the Road Trip your destination. I quote him: "If you read and use this guide, there is a very good chance you will change your attitude towards motoring. Rather than simply driving to a location, your trip will become the destination."

Route 66 entices tourists who are more interested in the roots of America than the theme parks and chain restaurants and motels. We will be experiencing some of America's history as we travel along. We will see home town cafes, historical motels, colorful gift shops/trading posts, and small town villages on this original cross country road of America. On this trip we will not be looking for cookie-cutter culture with chain stores, mega malls, the same stuff you see in every major city. We are looking for the secret corners of our small little towns along this free, open road, where we can roll our windows down and play our radio loud, and try to peek into our nation's past.

That's WHY we are taking the road trip called Route 66, The Mother Road. The Main Street of America.

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