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Route 66 - The State of Arizona

Route 66 – The State of Arizona

Route 66 continues on from New Mexico into the grand state of Arizona, best known for its Grand Canyon…a natural site that over 5 million people a year will travel to behold. The Grand Canyon has several options for enjoying the view:

descending by foot to the canyon floor takes a day; riding a mule down and back is a two day jaunt; or taking a helicopter or airplane tour across the canyon giving you the bird’s eye view. It is suggested that arriving at the canyon by train from Williams, 60 miles to the south, is the best way to experience the Old West spirit of adventure.

More beauty is to be found in picturesque Arizona in the red rock country around Sedona…said to be the most beautiful spot in America. These natural formations are best understood by actual sight, not by reading some description about them. The Painted Desert and the Petrified Forest are not only scenery to behold, but they are also part of the historical Route 66 attractions, east of Holbrook. The Grand Cavern Canyons, between Seligman and Peach Springs along Route 66, will take you 21 stories below the surface to explore the depths of Arizona.

The capital of Arizona is Phoenix, which became the territorial capital in 1889. Arizona was welcomed into the union as the 48th state in 1912. There are over 350 golf courses in this state, many of them located in the Phoenix, Scottsdale, and Tucson areas.

Along Route 66 there used to be seven Wigwam Village Motels in the hay day of the Mother Road, between 1933 and 1950. Today only two continue to exist, one in Holbrook, Arizona, and the other in San Bernardino, California. These tee pee shaped motels had radios that you had to pay for to listen to. Makes me think of the little juke boxes at tables in a café where you put your quarter in to play a popular tune.

Flagstaff is another popular place to visit, having the same elevation as Denver, thus providing a fine area to ski in the winter months. The Arizona Trail runs through Flagstaff, intersecting with Route 66. This is a hiking path that crosses the state from the Mexican border to the state line of Utah, 820 miles long. East to West, from Upton to Golden Shores, the best route to take is the Main Street of America, the Mother Road, good ol’ Route 66. The drive will be unbelievable, and forever stay in your memories.

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