Thursday, June 14, 2012

Spring Break 2012 Road Trip - Day 10 Joplin, MO to Fenton, MO

After breakfast with Nana and Papa on Saturday morning, day 10 of our Route 66 Road trip, we headed up Interstate 44 toward St. Louis.  We still had a few stops to make that we passed up on our trip south.  We definitely wanted to go back to the US Outpost and General Store in Fanning, the place with the giant rocking chair.  That was a nice souvenir shop for any of our last minute trip buys.  From there it was a short few miles to Cuba where we located the Wagon Wheel Motel with its stone cabins and neon sign.  Very nicely kept, and still in operation as far as I know. 


I believe we had lunch in Cuba at our favorite fast food places…going to each one requested by the travelers.  It was our last day for fast food.  We then drove on up to Gray Summit and stopped at Purina Farms.  We got there just in time for a dog show.


We had a motel reservation in Fenton for Saturday night, so we went and checked in before we took a drive around the little town in which we lived when we first moved to Missouri in 1994.  Fenton is on the southwest corner of the metropolis of St. Louis, and has grown immensely since we lived there.  We lived in Ivy Chase while our sons were in high school. 

We finished the day with a good meal at Olive Garden, and then back to the motel to relax for the evening.  Tomorrow would be our last day together.  What a trip it had been!!

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