Thursday, July 24, 2014

July 2014 Update

I know I have not published anything in this blog since March, and I need to do so.  Because I have not been in the frame of mind to continue on with "My Story, God's Story", I have just avoided making entries in this blog.  I do want to continue with my life story, but I've taken a break for now.

We came back to Michigan in April as we wanted to prepare our house and cottage to be sold, hopefully this summer.  We have had several lookers, just nothing serious yet.  Since we don't know the wisdom of selling and moving versus sitting tight, we leave the timing of the sale in our Agent's hands...the hands of God.  

Ideally we think we would like to sell the house and keep the cottage.  We would like to live in the south for most of the year, and have the cottage to come back to in the summer.  Michigan summers can be so beautiful, so relaxing.  This summer has certainly been just that!  We've only had one day over 90 degrees so far.  Since we are not running the air conditioning this summer, using only windows and doors for fresh air, it's nice to have the milder temperatures we have been experiencing.

Our two granddaughters spent two weeks with us this summer, coming to one of their very favorite places to visit.  It's been an annual trek for them for many years.  At least one of them, the older one, has been here for a summer visit for as many years as we have lived here.  This is our 11th summer on the campgrounds.  They have friends here, and so many things to keep them busy.  They would rather we did not move away from here.

We had a very good campmeeting last week, good in attendance and good in Spirit.  Once campmeeting is over, it seems like the summer is downhill, fading away into fall.  Fall is also a beautiful time in Michigan, it's just that the grounds are so much more empty after the RVers go back home, and then the snow birds start trekking south.  We were so fortunate to be with our family in St. Louis last winter, for surely Michigan had one of its worst winters on record.  We don't look forward to being here in the months ahead, but we will trust God to lead us one day at a time.

Our lives are taking some major changes, just starting to unfold.  Looks like doors are finally opening for Paul to return to the work force.  This time, however, it will be in a different setting than we have ever experienced.  One of his life's goals from the early years was to be self-employed as a consultant/contractor for engineering process safety.  He has taken some classes to better prepare himself for that, on top of his 30 years of experience in those kind of fields for various companies, in various locations.  In the very near future he will begin his first assignment, and he is excited about it.  

The beauty of being a self-employed contractor is that he won't be forced to retire.  As long as he is physically able, and mentally capable, he can continue to work at the pace he chooses.  Secondly, he can choose which contracts he wants to take on, and when he needs time for other ventures.  And he works from his home office, when he's not on assignment.  He doesn't have to relocate for this position, but can choose where he wants to live.  It sounds like an ideal arrangement for us at this phase in our lives.  

Meanwhile, I am open to what God may have for me to do to keep my mind and hours occupied.  Last week while sitting in a waiting room at a doctor's office, I picked up a Weight Watcher's Magazine.  It's the first one I've ever looked at, and I was so impressed with how much good information was in the magazine.  I asked if I could purchase the magazine to take with me.  Since it was an older issue, the office just gave it to me.  I see myself making some life changes because of items I read in this magazine.  Somehow I want to make it into a blog...I think a separate blog from this.  I see myself adding to it sporadically as I feel inspired to share things I am learning.  It has to do with well-being.  It's time in life to focus on what is truly important, and get rid of the fluff, including the extra weight and baggage...whether in body or mind.  

This has been a catch-up and an introduction to what's coming next.  If I do make this a separate blog, you will see it listed in the right hand column with my other blogs.  I need to spend time developing the format and title and what I want this blog to look like.  Hopefully you will see it arrive on the scene very soon!

Meanwhile, I will continue "My Story, God's Story" in the days ahead, once I get my inspiration rolling again.  Thanks for checking in and checking back!!  I am amazed every time I see how many hits my blogs are getting.  And how many places the hits come from!!  That's what makes blogging fun...being able to communicate to the world through my own publishing.  I still do not use Facebook or Twitter or any other more popular means of communication...I am an old-fashioned, simple-minded woman, who still makes it her ambition "to lead a quiet life, to mind your own business, and to work with your that your daily life may win the respect of outsiders, and you will not be dependent on anybody."  (I Thessalonians 4:11-12)

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