Monday, August 25, 2014

August 23, 2014 - 39th Anniversary

I want to tell you all about this very special day.  It's a cool story.

Started out with hubby sending me an email/anniversary love note...looking forward to having an anniversary lunch together on Sunday after he gets home (around noon).

I had planned special things to do each day while he was gone, usually involving a friend, or being with people.  Today I decided I would just take myself out to McDonalds for lunch (had a coupon) and go to Meijers to get hubby some cokes and Klondike Heath ice cream bars...he loves both of those things and has not had coke since he left the US.  The other part of my gift to him is having pizza for dinner tomorrow, since he's not had a pizza in two weeks, and it's his favorite meal.

Well, after my lunch at McD's I decided I would go ahead and go to Helzberg Diamonds jewelry store and turn in a card I had for a free pearl necklace (or earrings...but I don't wear earrings since I have hearing aids).  I felt like God prompted me to go ahead, even though I felt cheap taking something for free and not buying anything.   

When I walked in I was the only customer there, and the store assistant manager (female) and a store clerk (female) both greeted me.  I showed them my card I had received in the mail, and they were "excited" for me to get a free gift.  I said I couldn't afford to buy anything, was that okay.  Oh sure.  They took me to the back counter and showed me the earrings and the necklace.  (I already knew I could buy the matching pieces for $29.99, according to my card). 

I told them, "You just need to know.  Today is my 39th anniversary, and my husband is out of town.  He's been unemployed for the last year and there is no way he could afford to get me a gift.  I didn't want to come to this store and take something for free without buying anything, but God reminded me that He was giving me this gift on behalf of my husband through you, Helzberg Diamonds."  They both were touched and as they were ringing up my free receipt, the Asst. Mgr. put a pearl bracelet on my wrist that matches the necklace, giving it to me free also.  Then they told me on the bottom of the receipt is a web site where I could take a survey and might win $500, but that the company loved to hear stories like mine, so be sure and share it on-line with them.  

Since they weren't busy, the Asst. Mgr. asked me if I had ever seen a diamond magnified.  Since I had not, she took me in a special room and showed me this beautiful solitaire diamond ring and put it under a magnifying machine.  Wow.  She told me what the colors meant, according to the cut of the diamond.  I asked her how expensive that diamond ring was, and she said $11,000.  Whoa.  I don't know what size the carat was.

I told the girls that when my husband and I got married we just went to a store called Service Merchandise and bought matching wedding bands for $99 a piece.  I had taken mine off over 15 years ago for a surgery, and could never get it back on.  They said they sized rings and to bring it in. Then I said some day, when my ship comes in, I'm going to have a real diamond, I'm going to get my nails done by a professional (they both had beautiful nails), and I'm going on a cruise.  I told them, "You are never too old to have dreams...dreams are free."

Then I said, "I just have to witness to this once again.  This past year while my husband was out of work, God has taken care of us in so many special ways.   We were not able to collect unemployment as he had worked for a non-profit, but God provided in His own ways.  Then today for Him to give me a pearl necklace and bracelet, was just a very special gift from Him...and He is a God so worthy of serving.  Thank you for being His agents today."

Other customers came in then and I left.  What a precious love story for our 39th anniversary.  I'm anxious for hubby to get home and tell me what special things have happened to him these past 10 days. more thing.  I came home, did the on-line survey, and decided to find my wedding band so I could take it in to get it re-sized sometime.  Put it on my finger, and it slipped right on!!  That's what walking 4 miles a day will do for you!  Makes your fingers skinny!!

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