Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Maryland Hts, MO

I am thinking of you as I watch the news and videos of the flooding in St. Louis.  We moved to St. Louis in 1994, just after the historic flooding of 1993.  Now I understand this flooding may break those records.  I feel so badly for the St. Louis area.  When I saw the flood waters at the intersection of I-44 and 141, I know that area well, and wonder if our old subdivision is under water.  

Thanks for checking in on me now and then.  I no longer have your email address, so please send me an email and give me an update on you and your family!  I would love to hear from you!!  It would make my day!  If you don't have my email in your contact file, you can get it under my profile.  

Wishing you God's blessings in 2016!

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