Sunday, January 23, 2011

It's Cold Outside!!!!

We woke up to a temperature of 8 below zero this morning.  It's now up to 15 degrees, with a wind chill of 8 degrees.  The sun is shining...we are having a heat wave!!  The past few days, and the next few days tell me we are in a cold snap.  We have snow, we have ice under the snow, and we have very, very cold weather.  Nice time to stay inside.  I hate to even send the dogs out in this weather, but I don't have to worry about them staying out very long!!  I do wonder about the cats...are there any frozen somewhere?  I keep putting food and hot water out, which freezes very quickly.  I'm just trying to help them through this cold.

Have you been to Applebee's lately?  I have found that they have delicious soups....broccoli/cheddar and potato.  Quite tasty and fulfilling on these chilly winter days.  This past week a couple of friends and I went down to Three Rivers to do some clearance sale shopping, and we had lunch at Applebee's.  

Hubby and I have been competing in Sequence lately.  We usually sit down after supper and play about three games (best two out of three wins) before settling into our evening routines.  Had a friend over one night to play Rummy (not hubby's kind of game).  We also had our Facilities and Operations Manager in for supper one night as his wife was gone all week, taking a class at Olivet Nazarene University.  

We are moving on up into today's way of doing business.  We updated our Quickbooks at the office, and this past week for the first time we sent out quarterly billing via email, for those who do email.  What a way to save on paper, postage, and labor.  Now I just have to wonder how we will know if the customers actually open their email to get their invoices?  Probably about 2/3rds of our customers have email, but do they use it?

Yesterday was the District Center Board all day meeting at the Learning Center here on the grounds.  A lasagna dinner was prepared for us.  Then today after the morning worship at church, the Sunday School and Discipleship Ministries International (SDMI) put on a luncheon for the Sunday School teachers and Care Ring leaders.  Since I'm a board member of SDMI I was there to help set up and serve the luncheon.  Good fried chicken!!!  Anyway, two meals I didn't have to cook this weekend, and they both tasted great!!

Last night hubby and I kicked back in our recliners in our warm and cozy clothes, defying the temperature outside, and watched a couple  of the Great American Rail Journeys.  Both were very interesting.  The first was The Rockies By Rail on the American Orient Express, going over the Continental Divide, through Salt Lake City, and to Yellowstone and the Grand Teton parks.  What awesome views.  It's truly amazing when you think of how the tunnels were made through the mountains.  Around 1,000 men labored to dynamite the tunnels and clear the way for the tracks.  28 men lost their lives in that effort.  It's just mind boggling to me how they built the rails along the edge of the mountains, and how trains make the trip.  The train itself was one quarter mile in length!!

The second journey was The Adirondack, a train that travels 400 miles from New York City to Montreal, along the Hudson River Valley and Lake Champlain shoreline.  What a historic trip!  That's a trip I would like to make some time, stopping along the route to see Washington Irving's homestead, Saratoga Springs, and the many historic homes of the rich and famous.  There are so many places to visit, and so little time and money.  I truly could enjoy seeing our country by rail and foot.  I am captivated by the scenery and the history.  

From my daily devotional journal (notes from "The Word for You Today" and daily Bible readings):

"Interact with God's Word:

  • find a truth and reflect on it
  • find a verse and memorize it
  • find a question and personalize it
  • find a principle and act on it

Have two goals:  wisdom - that is knowing and doing right, and common sense.  Don't let them slip away for they fill you with living energy, and bring you honor and respect.  They keep you safe from defeat and disaster and from stumbling off the trail.  With them on guard you can sleep without fear, you need not be afraid of disaster or the plots of wicked men, for the Lord is with you; he protects you.  (Prov 3:21-26)

And I tell you this, that you must give account on Judgment Day for every idle word you speak.  (Matt 12:36)

I will bless the Lord who counsels me; he gives me wisdom in the night.  He tells me what to do.  I am always thinking of the Lord, and because he is so near, I never need to stumble or to fall.  (Ps 16:7-8)

Learn to be wise...and develop good judgment and common sense!  I cannot over emphasize this point.  Cling to wisdom - she will protect you.  Love her - she will guard you.  (Prov 4:1-6)  I rather find enjoyment in wisdom being referred to as "she/her".

Your weakness:

  • your weakness can emerge at any time - master it
  • God's Spirit will repeatedly warn you - listen
  • God will continue to use you even while your weakness is growing within you - turn to God and He will empower you
  • God can turn your greatest weakness into your greatest weapon

If God closes one door, He opens another - follow Him.

Getting wisdom is the most important thing you can do!  And with your wisdom, develop common sense and good judgment.  (Prov 4:7-10)

Insights into aging:

  • staying young at heart, close to God, and fully engaged with life is the secret to aging well
  • learn to be realistic by being comfortable with your age and phase of life
  • continue to invest your energy and resources into the Kingdom of God - keep on giving
  • you become old at any age when you shut others out and isolate yourself
  • you'll stay young throughout life if you stay in the mainstream and give yourself in service
  • stay flexible
  • take risks
  • be practical
  • pace yourself
  • embrace opportunities

I would have you learn this great fact:  that a life of doing right is the wisest life there is.  If you live that kind of life, you'll not limp or stumble as you run.  Carry out my instructions; don't forget them, for they will lead you to real living.  (Prov 4:11-13)

It is what you say and think that makes you unclean.  (Matt 15:11)

May my spoken words and unspoken thoughts be pleasing even to you, O Lord my Rock and my Redeemer.  (Ps 19:14)

Do you see how God is speaking along the same lines, no matter if I am reading "The Word for You Today" or His Word...various sections of the Old Testament, New Testament, Psalms, and Proverbs?  For this past week He had me focusing on my words, my thoughts, and how to age well...with wisdom and common sense.  I cannot have negativity in my mind and in my speech, and hope to be wise and age well.  

Part of the reason I blog my journal entries on Sunday is to reread the thoughts and verses captured from my daily readings and get to the basics of what God is saying to me personally.  If any of this helps another person, that is good, but I have to be reminded personally what God's message is to me.  I'm still growing.  As I age, I do find that my mindset has much to do with my healthy development and enjoyment of life.  Dwelling on the negatives leads to depression and discouragement.  Looking at the "better way" helps me to refocus and move ahead, hopefully a better, wiser person than I was a week ago.  

Have a good week...stay warm!!  Enjoy God's Goodness to the Fullest!!

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