Sunday, March 6, 2011

The "Fall"

No, I'm not going to blog about Adam and Eve.  You know that story well, and thanks to them we have a world where evil seems to prevail.  Thank goodness, it only seems that way, and evil has a deadline.  Because of that, the evil one is out to devour and destroy everything he can.  In the end, God wins.  His New Jerusalem will not have any evil, any pain, any sorrow, any unfairness, anything ugly.  My hope is steadfast that I will someday inherit eternal life in God's New Jerusalem.  My prayer is that my loved ones will join me there.

The Fall I am talking about in the title line is my fall on black ice.  I have been so very careful all winter long to avoid such a fall.  I didn't walk the dogs when I knew it was icy out (most of the winter, it seems), and when I did walk, I took very decided, controlled steps.  

Last Tuesday we were headed to the vehicle to go home for lunch and I had a handful of mail to put in the mail box and was yakking away with hubby.  As I stepped behind our vehicle I stepped on black ice, and with no moment to correct myself, I was up in the air and landed flat on my back, after which my head whacked the pavement.  Hubby came to my rescue, picked up the scattered mail, and helped me get up.  I didn't feel like anything was broken, but I was full of pain and empty of air.  I started on Ibuprofen right away, and rested on a heating pad.  Within 24 hours the lump and indentation on my head was gone, and I was left only with a tender area. I never did experience headaches or anything that would indicate head injury.

My back is another story.  I'm still grateful I didn't break anything (to my knowledge), but it is absolutely amazing how many muscles are used from the back area to move up and down and sideways.  I've managed to keep up with household activities and go to work for part of each day, but I've also rested quite a bit on the reclining love-seat with a heating pad.  I found it difficult to get in and out of bed and roll from one side to another, or to sleep flat on my back, so most of my nights have been in the recliner.  I have also learned to not stay in one position too long or I stiffen up, so I take little walks around the house, or take the dogs walking around the block (short walks), and move to different spots/positions.  I'm going to be fine.  I am so utterly grateful to God that I did not break anything.  The back pain will go away, my muscles will recover their strength.  I'm glad the black ice season is almost over though!!

Our dog Tuxedo had surgery this week to remove a tumor from his upper lip, under his nose.  He's a Pekingese, with the short snout, so the tumor was very obvious.  Our vet surgeon did a beautiful job of removing it and stitching the skin back together.  He even looks younger, though he did celebrate his 13th birthday this month.  He's been through a lot in his life time.  As a little puppy, the first week he was in our home, he followed me to the kitchen one night, where all was dark.  Not knowing he was there, when I stepped back, I stepped on his back. Hubby heard both of us yowling.  I moved quickly to get off from him and fell and sprained my toes.  We took him to an animal hospital and because he was so young there wasn't much they could do for him.  They said he'd either survive, or not survive. We prayed throughout the night for him, and in the morning he was fine.

When he was about ten he started showing signs of severe arthritis.  We were afraid we would have to put him to sleep because he could no longer jump up on furniture, nor walk without stumbling.  He loves walking and jumping up on something where he can sit on and look outside.  Well, one day I was driving our golf-cart with the dogs running along side of was our way of letting them run (on a leash) for exercise.  All of a sudden Tux darted in front of my golf-cart and I ran over him.  He went in between the two front tires, and by the time I was stopped, he was laying between the two tires on the left side.  I was sure I had killed him...that he was dying a slow painful death.  I pulled him out from under the cart, patted him down, talked through my tears...he got up and shook it off, and hasn't had a problem with arthritis since then.  I guess the cart "massage" was like going to a chiropractor, getting all the muscles back into place.  

One other time while I was out walking the dogs, a large German Shepherd was loose and came bounding up to us and took Tuxedo by the neck and started shaking him like a rag doll.  I was screaming for help, and decided to put my hand in the German Shepherd's mouth and get her to release her hold on Tux, which she did.  (I was so scared, I didn't worry about getting bit was a sacrifice on my part for my dog!)  She wasn't wanting to be mean, she was just playing, not realizing she could have killed Tux by shaking him like she did.  She thought she had a toy.  Well, Tux didn't have a cut or puncture, but he had the GS's saliva all over him.  His Alpha Dog image was severely damaged, and it took several weeks for him to get over that incident!

He's long will we have him?  Today he looks younger (after surgery) and sprints around and jumps and is playful.  I just hope when his life does come to an end, it is not a tragic ending.  His sister, Kefli (Shitzu), hovers over him like his mother, even though she is three years younger.  What a pair.  When they know they are going for a ride (either in the vehicle or on the golf-cart) or a walk, as I'm getting ready to put their leashes on, they both starting barking and howling and singing this dog duet.  It really is more like a song than just two dogs barking annoyingly.  They are our kids...we love them...we will miss them when they are gone, for sure!

I made it out to my Dave Ramsey class again this week, and he spoke to us about how to snow-ball our debt, getting out from under debt completely, except for the mortgage.  I feel very good about where we are at with that.  I'm really enjoying these classes, and I again recommend everyone, especially young people, to take a Dave Ramsey class.  You can even do it on-line.  Just go to his website to learn more:  You can also find out where classes might be happening in your area.

We lost a friend to esophageal cancer this week.  So sad...he was such a pleasant guy to be around, and he and his wife had built their retirement home here on our campground a few years ago.  They weren't retired yet, but would come often during the summer.  He was such a family man, and church man, and they usually had family and/or church friends staying with them or dining with them or just relaxing and visiting with them.  He will be missed, his wife will be lonely...but not lacking for friends or family.  May God be near and comfort all of them.

Well, I have a ham in the crock pot, and my tummy tells me it is dinner time almost.  Let me quickly recap my week's devotional material:

Mark - New Testament:
Live in peace with each other.  (9:30)

Proverbs - Wisdom:
Don't talk so much.  You keep putting your foot in your mouth.  Be sensible and turn off the flow!  (10:19)

The wicked man's fears will all come true, and so will the good man's hopes.  Disaster strikes like a cyclone and the wicked are whirled away, but the good man has a strong anchor.  (10:24-25)

"Stand still!  Know that I am God!  I will be honored by every nation in the world!  (46:10)

"The Word For You Today" - daily devotional magazine:
Practicing Hospitality:

  • sacrifice your personal plans
  • give of your time as well as money
  • go out of your way, above and beyond the call of duty
  • see others through the eyes of Jesus
How to Be Married and Happy:
  • come to terms with your flaws (each others' flaws) and be realistic about them
  • in your finances - tithe, be generous, delay gratification
  • in your appearance - try to always look your best; accept aging with dignity
  • in your lifestyle - comfort and contentment are more important than materialism and pride that leads to debt bondage
  • be courteous - small acts of kindness, kind words
  • physical satisfaction - satisfy your partner instead of manipulating or demanding your way
  • love is an act of your will, not a feeling
  • build your foundation on commitment, character, and a Christlike attitude
  • allow God's love to fill your heart and your will have love for your spouse
  • invest yourself in your partner, and you will get good returns
  • choose to see things from a different perspective
  • choose contentment
  • change what you can (your attitude), accept what you can't change
  • the character of a truly happy person:  humility, repentance, gentleness, patience, pure heart, peace loving, non-judging, fairness
  • selfishness puts an end to love, and love ends selfishness
  • put your spouse's needs before your own
  • the more self dies, the more your relationship will flourish
Have a good week everybody!!  Spring is on its way!!  Listen to the birds, and sing along!!

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