Thursday, July 7, 2011

And the Beat Goes On!!

With only a couple of days left with the girls, I want to capture the last two days before I forget our activities.  What I am not capturing, and I wish I would, are the cute expressions, the cute sayings, thoughts, the creative ways both girls have in living every day life.  It's like you have to be there to truly enjoy it.  So I stick mostly with activities, but life is so much fuller with all the chatter and antics that go on along with the activities and the down times.

Tuesday evening the girls helped me out in the yard, weeding, dead-heading flowers, spraying for weeds and bugs, and watering.  We did half the front yard on Tuesday night, and half the front yard on Wednesday night.  It looks very lovely.

Wednesday we went to Meijers to do our shopping, and did our banking in Vicksburg (for the office), and mailed the flip flops out to Susan.  Paid $1 for them at a yard sale, and $6.45 to ship them.  But they were orange, her favorite color, and she couldn't be with us this year for family festival, so we wanted to let her know we were thinking of her as we went to the yard sales on our golf cart.

Most of this week I have been going to office for a couple of hours in the morning (6-8) and again in the evening (7-9) to try to keep up with my work out there.  The girls stay with Grandpa during those times.  

We've had terrific beach weather this week, so that's been a daily activity, in the afternoons for an hour or so each day.  Big Sis has been riding her bike almost every day.  Today she put together a ceramic vase she made last year and some wild flowers she picked here on the grounds and made a nice arrangement for Miss Nancy, her housekeeping friend.  Tonight she took a bike ride with her, and Princess took a golf cart ride with her.  

We delivered brownies to Miss Dorris and Miss Kitty this morning, and we shared some with Miss Norma after she spent time with the girls at the playground and riding bikes.  

We put out our yard sale again today, and kept adding things as we cleaned the basement (girls' room) and went through outgrown clothes.  Our trip to the beach today was with two of the Lewis girls, long time friends of the girls.  Both of those girls and another friend of Aria's all got to choose a Barbie Doll from the collection we got at the yard sale last weekend.  It's a great way of the girls learning to give and share, which they do very well.  Both girls are so loving and caring...not selfish nor self-focused.  

Princess pretty much has John 3:16 memorized, as well as the Lord's Prayer (from last year's Grandma Camp).  She's had fun taking a bunch of pillows and making a "house" around her room and bed downstairs.  She even has a storm shelter under her bed!  

Well...two more days.  We're having too much fun, which will soon come to a close for this year.  But every moment has been a memory!

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