Monday, July 18, 2011

What a Week that Was!

The girls went home over a week ago, and I have not had a moment to update their last couple of days.  We were at the beginning of our annual district conventions and Family Camp as Daddy and the girls headed back home on Sunday, July 10th.  Let me finish their visit first.

On their last Friday here, I bribed them into helping me clean and organize their stuff, their room before going to the beach.  We had run into Vicksburg for a little shopping and errands run, and Grandpa was at a golf tournament all day that day.  Princess helped me make some chocolate scotcheroos and a fruit salad that day, and Big Sis made the key lime pie.  We were planning a big dinner for Daddy the next day.

We got the rooms cleaned and the bags packed, and then, true to my promise, I took them to the beach for two hours...twice as long as usual.  Daddy arrived in the night, and slept in a little bit the next morning.  We had our big dinner at noon, and then Princess and I took a nap while Big Sis spent her last time at the Craft Barn.  Grandpa, Daddy, and us girls all took a pontoon boat ride in the late afternoon, and then went to Jaspare's for subs and pasta for supper. We hit the snack bar for ice cream, and then watched our last movie together.

Sunday morning Daddy and girls headed back home with a very loaded car.  I sent all of the ceramics home with them, along with a shelf unit to display some of them.  They arrived safely back home in the late afternoon.  We sure missed them this past week!  Life isn't the same without two girls coming up the stairs in the morning to give me a hug and a big smile and twinkly eyes.  Even the dogs have missed their attention.  We are still adjusting to the quiet life again.

Sunday morning was the first Sunday of our annual Family Camp, and our District Supt., Dr. John Seaman, was the speaker.  That night was the ordination service, the kick-off of the annual District Assembly, which ran through Monday.

Monday night our Family Camp speaker was Dr. James Diehl, and he shared the pulpit with Dr. Bob Broadbooks, alternating each night/morning.  Our Bible teacher was Dr. Chic Shaver.  I tried to attend most morning services and evening services, working at the office in between.  It was a full week.  The musicians were the Michigan District Music leaders across the district...a praise team of strong leaders and voices.

Our friends, Bonnie and Fred, from Florida had arrived while the girls were here, and they are spending two months in our cottage next door.  They have many friends on the grounds...lots of social outlets.  The cottage porch is such a great gathering place.  

The camp meeting services were very well attended, and they were very Spirit anointed!  Many at the altar this past week.  May God continue to work in their lives as they leave the mountain top and head back to the main stream of life.  I did get to some of the 7 a.m. prayer meetings also...a great way to start the day.  My friends Judy and Kay were here staying with their mother, so I had plenty of time to visit with them throughout the week also.  

Now we have a week off before our next youth camp comes from Chicago Central District, and then a week of Girls' Camp and then our final camp of the summer...Boys' Camp.  After Family Camp, we feel like we've crested and started back down the hill to a less busy time on the campgrounds.  But we do still have those three camps, and then a big hoopla Labor Day weekend, when we will have the Nazarene Evangelists' Gathering for the first time.  That will be a great time!

One reason I haven't blogged for a while is that our Internet at home was down/disabled.  I need to blog my daily devotional material from June 26 to date, but just not feeling like it right now.  Perhaps another day this week.  It's going to triple digit heat index for a while, so staying inside may give me an opportunity to get the blog up to date soon.  Thanks for checking in.

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