Friday, July 1, 2011

Friday - July 1, 2011

Wow...half of 2011 is over.  Time just keeps picking up the pace as the band plays on!

Yesterday was a more relaxed day.  I spent a little bit of time at the office, but mostly I just spent it with the girls.  We headed into Vicksburg to do banking and shopping, and we stopped at two garage sales along the way.  Both girls made some nice purchases with their own money.  I bought a small shelf unit for their ceramic display, and it's already full!

After lunch we headed to the beach for a couple of hours...very relaxing time.  Then it was time for Big Sis to work at the Craft Barn until supper time.  Princess and I watched a video and she rode her bike around the block and we walked the dogs.  

After supper I cleaned the cottage next door for my nephew and his wife who are coming in from California for the Family Festival this weekend.  They will be here until Monday.  The girls stayed with Grandpa, doing whatever they chose to do, until it was time once again for Big Sis to head back to the Craft Barn.  I visited her at work to see what her chores were and to observe the ceramics she is working on.  She so enjoys being over there, and loves painting ceramics!  She's made some for friends, choosing their favorite animal and color.

We made it an early to bed night for Princess.  She watched "Winnie the Pooh" and then went to bed and fell asleep very quickly.  She had purchased a Queen's crown at one garage sale and wore it to lunch, and she had a sun dress on today, so she looked very much the Princess.  She liked to wear the crown upside down.  She also purchased her own Barbie doll with a purple dress...purple being her favorite color.  She bought a bag of beads and a little purple pouch.  The big purchase was a play oven that really bakes, along with a play mixer and blender and two baking packages (cookies).  I have a feeling we'll be baking today.

Big Sis bought a soft green pillow, a make-up kit, and a furry white cat that looks real.  We tried to buy a dresser for her room back home, but it sold just as we got there.  We'll keep looking.  

Today is the beginning of our annual 4th of July celebration, called Family Festival.  It will run through Monday, and each day there are plenty of activities going on.  There will be many garage sales here on the campgrounds the next few days.  Senior High camp will dismiss after lunch, and the weekend crowd will start filling in.  We usually have about 3,000 people here...our largest event of the year.  

I'm excited for the people to see our renovations and new sports equipment.  We have redone the snack bar, the four unit efficiency cabins, and the tabernacle bath.  Our District Superintendent's cottage is in the process of being painted.  Our new sports equipment are:  Frisbee golf, tether ball, nine square, human Foosball.  We also dressed up the playground with fresh bark.  Indian Lake Nazarene Campground is a great place to be!!  For sure, the girls love it here!

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