Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

We are having absolutely lovely Michigan summer weather this week.  The temps are in the high 70's, low 80's, with very low humidity.  Sunny days, beautiful blue skies with white fluffy clouds, light breezes.  Loving it!!

Yesterday Big Sis had a project to help Miss Wanda paint the wheel hubs on our second camp hay wagon, which didn't take very long!!  In the afternoon she worked in the Craft Barn.

Meanwhile Princess and I had to work at the ILNC office.  She is everybody's assistant now, so she has a variety of office jobs, and loves helping people.  We took a DVD player out to the office, and in her free time she watches movies (mostly Veggie Tale, which she says she loves).  

Last night was Big Sis's annual sleepover with her two ILNC sister friends.  They stay in the cottage, and normally they sleep on the porch and Princess and I sleep in the queen bed in the bedroom.  Last night Princess stayed in her own bed here in the house with Grandpa, the three girls slept in the bedroom at the cottage, and yours truly slept on a reclining love seat on the porch.  I enjoyed hearing the trains in the nights, and watching the security guards go by, and we had lit a large candle in the yard, which burned most of the night.  I didn't sleep much, but it was a nice night over all.

Big Sis had planned a scavenger hunt for her friends (something I used to do for the three of them), with clues that led them to ten different locations on the campground.  They rode their bikes to find the clues, and they had a  walkie talkie to call Big Sis, if they were "clueless".  The clues eventually led them back to the cottage where she had treats waiting for them (snacks).  They had a lot of fun chatting and working on crafts and playing on a keyboard.  They've been good friends now for 7 years.

Princess is still making friends her age.  We mostly meet them at the beach or the playground.  Last night she and I watched a movie together ("Babe") with Grandpa and had our own snacks.  We sat cat traps, and this morning we sent two kitties to animal control for adoption.  She didn't complain at all about not being part of Big Sis's party this year (she's been part of it in years past, but it's time for Big Sis to have her own friends without Little Sis around all the time).

The girls slept until almost noon today, which was fine with me.  Princess and I had things to do on the porch, and she played some computer decorating games.  We spent some time at the office today, but not much.  We took the dogs on a golf cart ride while Big Sis worked the Craft Barn today, and we had an afternoon video and time of rest.  

After lunch the three of us spent over an hour at the beach. We had it to ourselves, and it was just perfect weather.  Even I didn't want to leave when we did, but Big Sis wanted to get to her "job".  She is loyal!

After supper Miss Wanda helped both girls do a butterfly craft out of plastic soft drink bottles.  It was good she was with them, for hubby and I had a medical emergency with a camper which we tended to during that time.  Afterwards the four of us rode around on the golf cart for a while, then came back for the girls to watch a movie, "Mouse Hunt".  

It is bed time for Princess now, so time to go have our bedtime chat!  This is a less structured week, and we are just enjoying each day as it unfolds.

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