Friday, June 24, 2011

Friday - The Treasure of Helping Others

After a typical breakfast, today we went to Topaz River (lakefront at the point) for our lesson on Helping Others.  We read the story "Help, Help" from God's Word for Me, about the prodigal son.  We watched The Story of Esther on Charlies Churchmouse DVD and played a game of decorating cookies for the king.  We printed out picture pages to color, which we did, and we made a Princess Castle. It needs to have sparkly stickers put on it yet.  We were going to make cookies to give to others today, but we ran out of time.  We'll probably do that on Sunday afternoon.

After lunch (pizza, salad bar, cake) it was time for sister's camp to dismiss.  We picked her up on the golf cart and checked out and took her stuff back to the house.  Then we rode around on the golf cart for a while, showing her where all Princess had been this week (Diamond Mountain/tabernacle; Ruby Cavern/prayer cottage; Emerald Forrest/craft barn; Sapphire Glacier/snack bar; and Topaz River/the lake at the point.  She had her lessons in these various spots, and she learned about Jesus, Prayer, Sharing, the Bible, and Helping Others.

We also rode around to see the boundaries Sister's camp had stayed within.  They had a wide spread area which contained all their various activities.  They listened to a missionary tell stories in the morning, and had another cool speaker for the evening worship service.  He was funny and related well with the kids, according to Big Sister.  She made many friends and had a great time over all.  Some of the activities weren't her favorite, but she participated in everything.  

Princess learned the Bible verse John 3:16, and she has asked to say the Lord's Prayer at meal time all by her self the last three meals.  She remembers that from last year.  Today she watched the Veggie Tale video on "Esther, the Girl who Became Queen", to go along with her lesson.

This afternoon it was misty and cool out, so we just snuggled in blankets on the reclining couch and watch two Christie videos, Sister's choice.  We went out to Logan's Steakhouse for supper with Wanda and Dave, our summer volunteers.  We came home, Princess had a bath, and went to bed early.  Sister is taking a shower, we will watch another video, her choice, and then straight to bed.  I trust all of us will sleep in tomorrow morning, and do some catch up on our sleep!

It's been a terrific week in both camps...everyone is happy and ready to come back again next year.  Sister learned how to do table rhythm slapping to kill time while they waited for their turn to go through the food lines.  She's teaching Princess.  They also were stacking cups at supper tonight.  Oh, yes...the things to do in groups to kill time!!  As Sister said as we rode around on the golf cart after the campers were gone..."It's so quiet!"

I'll try to update our activities over the next couple of weeks every day or so, in case parents or other family members are interested.  Good night!

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