Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Tuesday - The Treasure of Prayer

We were awake early this morning, so we rode around with Grandpa on the golf cart for a bit before breakfast (scrambled eggs, biscuits & gravy, oatmeal, cereal and fruit bar, bagels & toast & donut bar).  

Our Treasure Bag today contained our lesson with stickers, a Bible story, a disposable camera, and a treasure chest which had a bracelet with pretend rubies and a necklace with a cross.  We headed to Ruby Cavern (the Prayer Cottage) for our lesson about how God answers prayer.  After our stories and our sticker activity, we had prayer to thank God for our families and friends, our food, for sick people, and for mean people...help us to be kind to them so they won't be mean to us.

I had to spend a little time at the office, so Princess shredded papers for the office ladies, and delivered messages from the FAX machine.  She made a poster to hang up in my office also.  We rode around on the golf cart so she could take pictures of treasures....flowers she liked and friends and buildings.  After lunch (hot dogs, macaroni & cheese, salad bar, cookie) we went to the snack bar for her to spend her money on sweet treasures.  She bought a tootsie roll and some fruit chewies, but she's saving them to maybe give away to friends.  

Today it was hot...heat index over 100, so it was a good day to go to the beach for an hour.  She had three playmates to play in the sand with.  She really didn't get wet except to get water in her pail.  Beach time is never long enough, but we had to leave at 3 pm because the campers were coming to swim.

We watched a Veggie Tale video about being thankful..."Madame Blueberry".  We did our Charlie Churchmouse DVD, "Nehemiah Rebuilds the Wall", and played a computer game where she had to catch following bricks to build the walls with.  We printed out a color page to color.  We watched another Veggie Tale video, "An Easter Carol", before going out to watch sister play "Human Foosball".

We made a paper chain with one word of our Bible Verse on each link.  The verse is John 3:16, so it made a fairly long chain.  After walking the dogs it was time for supper (taco bar, salad bar, pudding cake).  During craft time with Wanda, Princess painted a bird house, and they played Food Show with their dishes and play dough.  It was storming pretty hard so they came over to the house from the cabin porch.  The campers moved from the Dining Hall to the activity center just prior to the storm, and the rest of their activities were inside.  (I might add that our older Camper and her group had to choose four activities for the day, and they chose Craft Barn, 9 Square, Whiffle ball, and Human Foosball.  Each night they have to decide as a group what their activities will be the next day.)

Tonight as we winded down for bed time, Princess and I watched a Hannah Barbara movie on The Nativity.  Other than the video I pick out to go along with the lesson, she selects any others we watch....and I have a slew for her to choose from!  

We have talk time before she goes to sleep, and tonight I put a tape in a tape player for her to listen to music while she fell asleep because it is still storming outside.  She's in the basement, and I don't think she can hear the thunder down there, but music helped her relax.  

Time to prepare for tomorrow!!  This week is going fast!

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