Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Wednesday - The Treasure of Sharing

A day of you-name-it weather.  We had hot and humid, we had cool and windy, we had rainy and cloudy, and we had sunshine.  Put the jacket on, take it off.  The weather just could not make up its mind.  The one time it rained and was dark and cloudy was during our swimming we stayed home for that hour.  The rest of the day we could be out and about, just had to have a jacket with us.

After breakfast (french toast, sausage, biscuit and gravy, oatmeal, cereal and bread bar, fruit and juice bar) Princess and I headed into Vicksburg to make some bank deposits for the camp office and to find some sneakers for Princess so she could climb at the play ground.  All she had with her was a pair of flip flops.  We went to the resale shop, but they didn't have any shoes her size.  We did, however, find some other clothes for her and a beach cover-up.  We ended up getting her five outfits and the cover-up for around $25.  She's wearing about a size 5 at this time.  We went to Dollar General again (had gone there on Sunday) and this time we did find a pair of pull on sneakers for $5.  They work fine for the play ground, and she is happy with them.

We got back from town in time to watch her sister go on the zip-line.  That was one of four activities her group had chosen for today.  The other ones were:  dodge-ball in the caged court, water dodge-ball in the field, and swimming.  Their swimming time was rained out also.  Looks like she has made a friend to hang around with.  She seems to be having a good time and enjoying everything.

Before lunch (deli sub sandwiches...ham or turkey with cheese...chips, salad bar, cookies) we had our third treasure bag and had our lesson at Emerald Forest (the green craft  barn).  The lesson was "The Church Shared with One Another".  Our focus today was on the treasure of sharing.  Our Charlie Churchmouse DVD was on Elisha and the Jars of Oil, where people shared their oil pots with a widow.  We colored picture pages from the DVD, and there was a game to collect oil pots from the neighbors (on the DVD).  

Princess received various colored plastic bracelets in her treasure chest today to share with friends.  She gave two green ones to her sister, and her new friends at the playground each received bracelets and some candy.  In return one of her new friends (we call her Smiley) gave Princess a crown to put on a Barbie doll's head.  How fun to share with one another!

We did not have time for the GiGi Book and DVD that was in today's treasure bag, but there was a GiGi doll with it also that went to town with us.  We are saving that activity for tomorrow, or when we have time.  Today was a very busy day!

We went to the snack bar after lunch for Sweet Treasures and Princess selected a Bottle Pop today (a sucker, basically), which she sucked on during the afternoon videos:  Veggie Tale's "Lyle, the Kindly Viking", and "Kids Sing Praise 1".  I rested during this time, and when the videos were over, we took the dogs for a golf cart ride and picked up two friends to go to the playground with.  That's when the sharing took place.  We were there about an hour.  

After supper (spaghetti, rolls, salad bar, desert bar) it was time for Craft Treasures with Wanda on the cottage porch.  Tonight Princess made a plastic bead necklace and a foam art sun viser.    She rode a golf cart around with Wanda and watered flowers also (even after all the rain!)  Our last video of the day, to calm us down for bedtime, was "Psalty's Songs for Little Praisers".  

It's been a long day for me, as I didn't sleep well last night, so I am out of here and into bed, to rest up for another day.  I sure enjoy those nap times during the afternoon!!  I'd never make it otherwise!!

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