Monday, June 27, 2011

Monday Morning - Beginning of Senior High Camp

Today starts another week of youth camps...this one being Senior High Camp.  Registration is at 11 a.m. this morning, and the camp runs until after lunch of Friday.  

My granddaughters are now in their second week of their summer visit.  Big Sister will help out in the Craft Barn this week as an assistant...passing out paint, pouring ceramic molds, working on projects.  She's also been given a painting paint the wheel hubs on one of the new hay wagons.  She'll have a fun week, for she loves ceramics (Craft Barn), and painting.  Princess will be on a less structured schedule this week...just going with the flow.  Beach every day is her highest desire.

We sat six traps for cats/kittens last night.  Have to go check them out soon.  I'm going to continue to trap while I have the girls here to help me, then I may take a break until fall.  I don't want to trap cats and keep them in cages while it is rainy or hot.  Last week was a rainy week, so I only trapped one night.  That's when I caught two little kittens that I had to send away.  That's hard...they are so cute.  But we have plenty of cats, and more to come, I am sure.

Yesterday we attended the Come As You Are service in the Learning Center.  Both girls were dressed very nicely and looked absolutely stunning.  They are as well behaved as they are beautiful.  Such a delight to have them with us.  So many people speak with them, for they have come to know the girls across the years since we have been here at ILNC.  We are not the only ones who anticipate the annual visit of Big Sister and Princess.

It was hubby's 57th birthday, so the girls made him chocolate chip/oatmeal cookies.  We also took a pontoon boat ride yesterday afternoon...our first boat ride of 2011.  It was a gorgeous day...high 70's, a great day for a boat ride.  The girls also rode their bikes in the afternoon.  At night they caught fireflies and helped me set the traps.

I had to go with my dear friend yesterday afternoon to transport her mother to the hospital, first to Vicksburg, then to Kalamazoo.  Her mom, who is 96, was having migraine headaches, and she hardly ever even has a headache.  Turns out her blood pressure was extremely high, and they thought she might have the symptoms of a stroke.  She is back home now, thank the Lord, but I have a feeling this is the beginning of the rest of her journey to her heavenly home.  I pray both daughters will be with her when that time comes.  She has lived a beautiful life, very calm and caring, but she longs to join her husband and others who have gone on before.  I pray her prayers are answered soon.  This friend I went to the hospital with is my "confidant"...the one person I can talk to about anything (in lieu of not having Mom any more). 

Well, time for the day to to go check my cages,  The girls will be up soon, and I'm fixing strawberries and biscuits for breakfast, another birthday meal for my hubby.  I didn't have time to fix it yesterday because of my hospital trip.  He could use some extra treats these days...these are stressful times making sure the camps are all running smoothly.

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