Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Fun Is Just Ahead!

Saturday night, and all is well.  It's the calm before the storm.  We are supposed to get severe thunderstorms, starting tonight and going through next Thursday!  But I'm talking about the calm before Monday morning camp registration for 175 middle school campers (one of which will be our granddaughter).  And that's the second "storm"'s quiet in the house tonight, but as of tomorrow there will be two giggling girls, whose Grandpa likes to tease them.  They will run the dogs ragged...sometimes the dogs have to crawl under the bed to get away for a nap!  They aren't puppies any more.

Oh, but what excitement lies just ahead for us!  We anticipate our son arriving with the granddaughters in the next few hours.  I have made cinnamon pecan rolls for in the morning....Father's Day.  I am preparing a favorite meal for hubby and son...roast, potatoes, carrots, green beans, rolls, sea-foam jello salad, and punch bowl cake.  We'll have that for lunch, and then son has to drive back home 8 hours.  He just moved and has to get settled into his new house, plus head back to work on Monday.  I'm anxious to see their house, but will do so after summer's busy camping season.  The girls each have their own bedrooms for the first time, and are so excited for that!

I put in another 40 hour work week getting ready for our first camp.  Still have more to do to be ready for Monday morning registration.  I wanted to have the work behind me when the girls arrived, but we have had a lot of last minute registrations.  Once we get this week done, we start right into Senior High Camp.  Then we have a month of other activities during July.  Girls Camp and Boys Camp are both in August.  Before we know it everyone will head home, head south, and we will be back to a lonely and quiet campground.

This past week we've had beautiful Michigan weather...sunny mild temps during the day and just a little cooler at night.  Windows have been open, breezes have been nice.  However, this weekend we are having very humid weather, and we do have our air conditioning on.  The camp just ahead has so many neat outside activities planned, I hope they truly don't have rain all week.  But they do have inside activities as well.  Archery is inside, and broom ball, ceramics, and various other games and activities.  

We've been busy getting the grounds mowed and looking nice, and getting all the buildings set up to accommodate the camp activities.  Several of us took our Nazarene Safe (zero tolerance of sexual abuse) class this week...a two hour training class mandatory for all employees and volunteers working with children and youth.  The office staff has put in long hours, lots of phone calls and emails, getting all the campers registered in the computer.  My part was to apply the credit card charges and checks to our accounting software.  I enjoy that more than making phone calls!!  I really don't like to talk on the phone at all due to my hearing aids and the feedback they create.  So working behind the scenes is good for me.

Last Sunday and Monday nights I spent planning Grandma Camp for my younger grandchild.  Our theme is "Treasures For A Princess".  She will learn about the treasures of:
Knowing Jesus
The Bible
Helping Others

She will have a lesson each morning in a different spot on the campground, where she will get a treasure bag containing what she needs for that day's activities.  We will have a story from the Bible, a memory verse, and an activity to reinforce the lesson.  We will sing our songs while riding on the golf cart from place to place.  There is a Veggie Tale video to go along with the theme of each lesson.  We will probably watch that in the afternoon during "free time".

One of the items in the bag each day is $1 to take to the Snack Bar after lunch for a Sweet Treasure (candy, ice cream, snow cone...her choice).

We will go to the beach after lunch before we come home for three hours of free time where she can decide what she wants to games, watch videos, work on projects, play with the dogs or her toys, or simple rest with Grandma (!!).

In the evening, after supper, she will have Craft Treasures with Wanda, and she will help Wanda water the flowers around some of our buildings.  During this time I will work at the office and try to stay caught up.  The last thing before bed will be Movie Treasures, and bedtime is 9:30.  The next morning starts at 9 a.m. with breakfast at the Dining Hall.  We'll be eating with the campers all week...that way we get to see her sister from time to time.

I'll probably try to blog each night about what took place that day, as a journal entry for her parents to be aware of what we are doing. This is my second year of planning a camp schedule for the week so my sweetheart will feel she is in camp, just like her older sister.  Then one day she will attend Girls' Camp for real, like her sister did last year.  I'm excited to have this week with her in a more structured setting.  A time of learning values and stretching her mind with things to memorize...getting her ready for kindergarten this fall.

Frisbee golf course and human Foosball court.  Put up 9 square in the air court.  The landing dock for the canoe landing on the outback river was completed this week also.  

Anyone reading this really needs to check out our web site for pictures of cool things happening here at Indian Lake (  Pictures of our new activities will be posted later, but check out the events going on here this summer, check out our motels and RV park, the swimming beach, the boat slips, our cabins, our climbing tower and zip line...  We are an exciting place to visit!

I have been keeping up with my devotions, despite how hectic life is right now...all the more reason I need my quiet time with Jesus.  Here's a few tidbits:

The Word For You Today:
1.  When God says wait,

  • He already has a plan for your life from the start to the finish, so trust Him to work all things out to His glory and your good
  • God has the lead role in our relationship with Him, follow
  • unanswered questions create trust
2.  Live in peace instead of going to so by obeying God, following Him

3.  Characteristics of a great Dad
  • make your children feel loved
  • share your life with your children by sharing:  your values, God's ways, moments of laughter and fun, tell them how precious they are to you...again and again
  • work hard...set an example of work ethics
  • have the children share the work around the house to teach them skills and ethics
  • nurture children in attitudes and abilities
  • be a spiritual leader, represent God in your kids' lives
Love forgets mistakes...  (17:9-11)

Oh, give thanks to the God of heaven, for his loving kindness continues forever.  (136:26)

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