Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sunday, June 12, 2011

We went from mid-90's weather during mid-week, to 50 degrees this morning.  Cat trapping stopped during the heat, but with milder temps, should start up again this week.  

I put 83 hours in at the office the past two weeks (3 hours of mowing).  My average is perhaps 30 hours for two weeks, so I've picked up 50 hours.  That's a clue as to how busy we are getting our new "on-line" registration ready for campers to arrive in 8 days.  Glad this is supposed to be "easier"!  It will be...this is just the first year and we continue to learn and work through the kinks.  Without our extra staff person coming on board last Monday, we would be drowning.  

Nice to have a larger pay check coming this week since my SUV just had to be repaired, to the tune of $1200.  God meets our needs, always...but I can forget about putting money in the bank!  I guess He continues to want my total dependence on Him.  That's a much wiser and safer plan than I could come up with, I'm sure!

I made a huge decision this week, a matter I've been praying about for some time.  It will affect the rest of my life, and has to do with a conviction of mine I've wrestled over.  It was while reading Jim Cymbala's book Fresh Wind, Fresh Fire that I made up my mind, and ordered the change.  I'm not sharing this decision with anyone outside my husband, a pastor, and my "sister"...the one person I can talk with about anything, like I used to do with my Mom.  But you will find the clue on page 92 of Jim's book.  I've been rereading two of Jim's books, and they have spoken to me again, loud and clear.  He speaks the truth in love, and doesn't back down from his interpretation of God's Word.

Got my hair cut for summer this week.  I don't want hair hanging in my face when I'm picking up branches and sticks, clearing the yards for mowing.  So when it was in the 90's and I was facing that chore, it was time to get it cut.  It's easier to care for also.

Notes from this week's devotional material:

The Word for You Today:
1.  When we put God first, He is faithful to meet our needs (just as I mentioned above!).
2.  Allow failure to be your teacher, turn defeats into learning experiences.
3.  Your spiritual gifts are not so much knowledge of them or understanding them, but getting on your knees and asking God to dominate and control your life; as the Spirit of God operates through you, you are using the gifts He has given you.
4.  What God has extended to you, do the same for others; have enough compassion to truly care about embracing others. 
5.  People who have been hurt need to learn to trust again; God will use you to bring them healing and hope if you keep loving them.


  • We must obey God rather than men.  (4:29)

  • ...God wants his loved ones to get their proper rest.   (127:26)


  • Kind words are like honey...enjoyable and healthful  (16:24)

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