Monday, June 27, 2011

Monday Night 6/27/11

Princess had quite a day.  After breakfast she was playing on the porch as a one-man band.  I asked Miss Norma if she would like to come and play band with Aria, and she was tickled to do so.  Sister was working on glass artwork on the porch, and I was working on the monthly budget.  Mid-morning I dropped the girls off at the Craft Barn to work on ceramics while I went to work with Senior High Camp Registration.

After lunch at the Dining Hall (a repeat schedule of meals from last week), I worked at the office with Princess as my assistant, plus she helped the other ladies in the office also.  Big Sis was at the Craft Barn all afternoon.  She is working as an assistant, helping campers get their paint colors.  She loves doing this.  She gets free ceramics in exchange for her help.  She's working on a train/village setting.  

After supper Big Sis went to visit her girlfriends for the evening, and they took a bike ride around the camp.  Tomorrow night they will have a sleepover at the cottage.  

Meanwhile, Princess helped at the office again until she had a chance to ride around on a golf cart with Miss Chris.  They stopped for a Popsicle at the Lewis' and then went to the play ground, which is where I joined them when my work was done.  She had three little play mates her age to play with, so we spent quite a while there.  Then we came home and played in the bathtub for a while, before watching a Veggie Tale movie and going to bed. 

Big Sis was back at the Craft Barn at 9:30 for half an hour to once again assist campers with their paint selections and ceramics.  I picked her up and we drove around to check out the traps we had set for the cats...six traps.  Nothing caught so far.  She's watching a movie with Grandpa (Beethoven), winding down for the night.  She has a paint job in the morning with Miss Wanda.  They are going to paint the hubs on the camp wagon a bright yellow.

So both girls had quite a busy day, plus play time with the dogs throughout the day.  Big Sis helps me by walking the dogs when I am busy with other things.  Princess helps me around the house...setting the table, dusting, taking care of things.  

All in all, a lovely day.  We have about 210 senior high campers this week.  This will lead us right up to Family Festival this coming weekend (annual 4th of July celebration Friday-Monday).  A very busy time, a busy month ahead.  It will all be over far too soon, and life will once again be quiet.  So let's enjoy it while we can!!

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