Thursday, June 23, 2011

Thursday - The Treasure of the Bible

This has been a rainy cool day, and we had raincoats or jackets on most of the day.  We did not go swimming.  In fact, we spent a lot of time at the office.  While I was working, my little helper shredded papers, put stamps on the envelopes for mailing, and worked on her own paper crafts (cutting and pasting or taping).  We didn't even start Grandma Camp until after lunch (hamburgs, homemade potato chips, salad bar, brownies).  Breakfast was pretty much the same.  Princess chooses to have oatmeal and pink and green cheerios (I don't know the name of it) with milk, and a little bit of orange juice.  She has had a couple of toaster pastries since she's been here.  Her favorite things at the salad bar are pickles, black olives, jello, and chocolate pudding...and sometimes cantelope.

Today we went to Sapphire Glacier (the Snack Bar) for our lesson after picking up some M&M's with our Sweet Treasures dollar.  Tomorrow we are going to skip the candy and just save the dollar for a Barbie doll at the yard sale during Family Festival.  She has several treats left, as we have spread them out, and given some away.

Our lesson was about "The People Read Their Bible" and Charlie Churchmouse was about "The Prodigal Son".  It had a game to play and we printed and colored a picture page.  We continue to work on our Bible verse, John 3:16, and singing some songs as we ride around on the golf cart.  The Veggie Tale movie today was "God Wants Me to Forgive Them?", since we learned about forgiveness in our stories today.  

Craft Treasures with Wanda tonight was decorating a picture frame, playing with play dough, and going to the playground.  Princess is ready for bed and watching the Disney movie "Bambi" while I blog.  It's an earlier night tonight, plus we had a good nap this afternoon.

When we go to meal times at the dining hall, Princess has so many adult friends to chat with...Miss Wanda, Miss Ranae, Miss Norma, and so many more (but those are the main ones she goes to).

Today we had to transport one of the life guards from the canoe landing on the river back to the beach front, so we got to take a golf cart ride through the outback.  We went back out tonight to watch Grandpa load the canoes on the canoe trailer and transport them back to the beach front where they take off from.  Sister was the lead canoe this morning, having the life guard with her in her canoe.  Her group also did archery, the mud pit (yuck) and super slide bowling today during activity time.  Looks like she's been hanging around with a redhead named Katy.  She says she's having a great time.  Now that she has a steady friend, I'm sure she's enjoying camp much more.  Plus, there are so many activities...such a variety to choose from...that she's not been bored!

Such a damp day today, it feels good to cozy in tonight.  One more day and the camps are over for this week.

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