Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Family Festival and Beyond

Sunday morning when we got to the Tabernacle for the morning service, we found that there were 105 children that would be marching around the Tabernacle waving the American Flag in honor of celebrating our American freedom.  Little Princess decided she wanted to be part of that.  When the march was done, the children went to the Learning Center for their own service, but Princess decided to stay with us and Big Sis.

When the service was over, we headed to the Dining Hall for our Sunday dinner.  After dinner, we rested for a while before taking a pontoon boat ride on Indian Lake.  It takes about an hour to go around the lake at a leisurely pace.  We saw lots of boats, jet skis, tubing, a fun packed lake!

Sunday evening we went to the Olivetians' (Olivet Nazarene University) concert at the Tabernacle.  Sunday morning our building was packed, probably 1500 people there.  Sunday night the crowd size was about 400 or so.  Still a good turn out for a holiday weekend night.  Following the concert (Princess fell asleep) we went to the snack bar.

Since I couldn't sleep well, I finally went to the office at 3 am to catch up on some work.  I came back home and went to bed at 5:30, and slept a couple of hours.  Monday was a full day, and I needed to be part of it.  Big Sis was back in the Craft Barn while Princess rode the ponies....about six times!  It was a free pony ride, and the line was short.  We had lunch at the snack bar, and then I took the girls to the beach for an hour.  They had friends to play with, and the time went by too fast for them!

I had mowing to do after supper, so Grandpa took the girls to the ball field to practice golf club swings with wiffle balls.  At dusk we went out on the pontoon boat to watch fireworks for a couple of hours.  Quite a show, both Sunday and Monday nights!  

Today we slept late this morning, watched a video and played around the house a bit.  We set up a yard sale, donations only, and we took down the 4th of July decorations.  We made some cookies, and then after lunch went back to the beach with our new friends (the Smalley children).  Princess is napping right now, and Big Sis is watching a movie (Chitty, Chitty, Bank-Bang).  This should take us up to supper time.  Now I need a nap!!

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