Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Devotional Thoughts Update

I'm way behind on my devotional thoughts.  While the girls were here, I concentrated on their activities, but I still had my daily devotionals.  It may take more than this one blog to get them up to date, but with it being 98 degrees out, I think I'll stay inside and blog some.

The Word For You Today:

  • Looking forward to better days?  When your desire to go forward becomes greater than the memories of your past, you will begin to live again
  • You will win!  With every opportunity God gives you there comes obstacles, but you must rise above them.  That is how you grow and mature.  The most secure place in the world is in the center of God's will.
  • Real growth requires seasons of struggle as well as seasons of success.  Seasons of struggle destroy pride in your own ability and increases your dependence on God.
  • It's time to move on.  To get beyond the past, you must forgive...and keep no forgiving until the past no longer has a hold on you.
  • Closing the door the right way involves:  closing the door with grace; with forgiveness; with promises fulfilled; with courage; in God's timing.  When God closes the door, it's time to move into the future He has prepared for you.
  • Your destiny is a desire that won't let you go.  It will be more than a job, it will be joy.
  • Giving your best means rising up early and prepare for the challenges of the day through being with Jesus; and it focuses on endurance, not speed.
  • Nothing will change in your life until it first changes in your mind.  God sees you as a new creation, so start thinking and acting like one!
  • You can change your family without argument or discussion...do it through prayer.  You can do nothing of eternal value until you have prayed.
  • It's wonderful what God can do in just one day (recall creation), so give Him all the days you have left.

  • The man of few words and settled mind is wise; therefore even a fool is thought to be wise when he is silent.  It pays him to keep his mouth shut.  (17:27-28)

  • God is kind and merciful, slow to get angry, full of love.(145:8)
  • The Lord is fair in everything he does, and full of kindness.  He is close to all who call on him sincerely.  He fulfills the desires of those who reverence and trust him.  He hears their cries for help and rescues them.  He protects all those who love him, but destroys the wicked.  (145:17-20)

  • So, it is that we are saved by faith in Christ, and not by the good things we do.  (3:28)
  • Being saved is a gift; if a person could earn it be being good, then it wouldn't be free---but it is!  It is given to those who do not work for it.  For God declares sinners to be good in his sight if they hive faith in Christ to save them from God's wrath.  (5:5)

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