Saturday, April 16, 2011

Journey to Israel - Chapter 1

A note of introduction...when I first started blogging in 2008, I used many of my writings as blog segments.  "My Journey to Israel" was good for several blogs.  One day I was criticized about my blog, and I just deleted it all.  When I got over that, I started another blog, and here I am today.  I decided that for the Easter season I would once again post my Israel Journal.  I'm pretty sure my current readers were not reading my blog back then, so this should be "new" material.  Even if you have read it before, it's worth a second read.  In this coming week we will be reminded of the passion of Jesus in many ways.  May this blog just be one more method of you focusing on God's Goodness, and the Sacrificial Love of Jesus Christ.  I will be posting more frequently for a few days,I hope.  Enjoy...



Chapter One

It was my first semester at Lee College, Cleveland, Tennessee, in the fall of 1988. I was sitting in my Foundations for Ministry class, chatting with a friend before class began. I told her I wasn’t sure if I would have enough funds to come back for a second semester at Lee unless God somehow opened some doors for me.

Class began and Mr. Boone, a Bible professor, began talking to the class about a Bible class being offered in the spring semester that would be going on a two-week study tour in Israel. At first I did not give it much attention, but the more he talked I began to feel this mounting interest inside of me. It seemed a Voice was saying to me, “Carol, you are going on this trip. I want you to come and see My land. I want to show you where I walked while on this earth.”

I had never even been interested in going to Israel before, but when this Voice started humming inside of me, I came alive. Every fiber within me was alert and listening---to the Voice, and to Mr. Boone. I thought, “This is silly! I just told my friend that I could not hardly afford to come back next semester, and here I am thinking of going to Israel to the tune of $1,400. Lord, what are you doing?”

I heard Him answer, “You’re going, Carol. This trip is for you.” I was so excited about it that when I got to my next class I started telling my friend Brenda about the trip, hoping she would be interested also. Then I told the Lord that I needed to know for sure it was Him talking, and not just my own imagination. If it was truly Him calling me, would He please give me one female friend to go with, and would He please send the down payment money as an indication He would supply the rest. That sounded reasonable to me. I did not want to go on a trip with all preacher boys, especially if I had to borrow the money to do so. Time passed and nothing happened. Meanwhile the 25 slots available for the study tour were filling in.

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