Sunday, April 17, 2011

Journey to Israel - Chapter 2

Chapter Two

I went to the Conn Center one night for a concert, and being early, I sat in my car listening to a Gaither tape. They were singing “Peace Be Still”. I closed my eyes and transported myself to that peaceful shore in my mind where I often went to be alone in the presence of Jesus.

I was standing on the white sandy beach watching the soft waves rolling into the shore, when Jesus came along and took my hand. We started walking along the shore. He waved His other hand toward the sea and said, “Carol, this is the Sea of Galilee. I walked on these waters. This is the sea where I calmed the storm. Carol, I love you, and I am going to calm the storms in your life also. I will always be with you.

We stopped walking, and as I stood there with my head bowed in adoration, He faded away. Then the tape started playing “Gentle Shepherd”. I looked up and realized that I now stood on a Judean hillside. I saw Jesus standing under a tree with a lamb in His arm, stroking its wool. All around Him were sheep, and I was in the midst of them. He looked at me as if to say, “Carol, I’m watching over you....I care for you.” I was so touched that Jesus would come in such an intimate way. I realized then He truly does meet ALL of our needs...even our need for intimacy.

Those visions were a reinforcement to me that God was calling me to Israel. Soon after that my friend Brenda felt that she too was being called to go on the trip. With only two slots left available, she felt we should sign up. Well, that meant one of my fleeces was answered...I had a female friend to go with on the study tour. However, the money had not come in. That left me somewhat confused, but my husband Paul felt we would be able to manage the funds somehow.

By the time I went to sign up for the trip, it was full. I was the first one on the waiting list. There was no disappointment. I did not want to go on this trip if God had not called me. I knew there was unrest in Israel, and perhaps I did not need to be there in the middle of trouble. Besides, the fleece of money had not come in. If God wanted me on the trip, He could still open the doors.

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