Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Journey to Israel - Chapter 4

Chapter Four

The final week of the fall semester Mr. Boone informed me that there had been a cancellation and that I was officially in the study tour group. I knew instantly that God had created that opening for me. He truly had called me, and I was going. I was so humbled, for who was I that God should choose me. It was as though I heard Him say to me, “I told you so!”

By the time the money was due for the trip, somehow the funds were available. I do not understand how, for we did not borrow, and nothing unexpected came in. Not only did I have the money for the trip, but I was able to sign up for three additional classes for the spring semester at Lee College. This was verification to me that God did want me to continue to prepare myself intellectually for His service. I have learned that God is an amazing accountant, and whatever He calls us to, He equips us for and provides the means.

Several friends and relatives were hesitant about me going to Israel because of the strife and tension in that country. However, I never had one ounce of fear in me over the trip. God gives peace when you walk in His will. He gave me complete serenity about this trip.

I began to feel Jesus more real in my life. When I would think about places that we might visit, I would sense emotions that perhaps He felt...the tears He shed at the tomb of Lazarus, and on the Mount of Olives as He wept over Jerusalem, and in the Garden of Gethsemane as He surrendered Himself completely to His Father’s will. I became all the more conscious of God’s call upon my life, and I wanted to be submissive to my Father’s will also. I wanted to live a holier life, become more disciplined, walk a deeper walk, and have the mind of Christ.

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