Saturday, April 2, 2011

Spring has arrived???

I think spring is playing an April Fool's joke on us this year.  We are still wearing our winter coats, longing to shed them for spring jackets. Despite what the weather is outside, I have spent today trading out fall and winter wardrobes for spring and summer.  Maybe if I "hint" enough, spring will come.  One can only hope!!

Today we skyped with our son and granddaughters for the first time.  That was cool because they like to see the doggies, and we can have them right there, front chair.  

Hubby has been spring cleaning in the garage today, and finally took our Christmas lights down off  the pine tree out behind the house.  I'd like to put the snow shovel away....but I just don't think I need to flirt with spring too much, or winter  will remind me of it's presence.

Went to my small group Care Ring this week for the first time.  We are studying Francis Chan's book, Crazy Love.  We watch him speak on DVD and then discuss the book.  It really resonates with me.  I ended up buying one of his books because he's speaking my thoughts.  During the chapters, he has us going out on-line and watching a you-tube video to emphasize a point he is making.  Pretty cool.  

We began training this week on "Camp Brain" and CWFree and a few other programs at work.  We are gearing up for our summer camp registrations and training on-line.  We as a staff will be in training for the next several weeks leading up to our first camp in June.  That means extra hours at work, but that's okay.  It also helps the paycheck!!

Last night I went to Texas Roadhouse with four other women from our church...girls' night out, sort of.  I needed a break from routine, so it was a nice time for me.  One other night this week I spent an evening at a friend's house watching one of the Alaskan Gaither videos.  Very pretty scenery, and I always enjoy Gaither music.  

So, that's been my week.  Still putting up with the back issues.  I may have to see the doctor eventually, but I am avoiding it as long as possible, for I do not have room in my current budget for medical concerns.  

Don't think I'm going to post my devotional material this week.  If that's the part you are looking for, please leave me a comment.  I find it strange that 100 people will visit the blog in a week, but no one leaves any comments...on any of the three blogs.  But that's okay.  I just like knowing I'm getting hits.  My Genesis blog is traveling the world...very interesting to see where all the hits are coming from.  I'm struggling with the I Peter blog.  Just can't seem to settle myself down and get focused.  Losing interest in studying my Greek also.  I am so in need of major change.  Hubby said it will be interesting to see how God covers my need for change when I am in heaven.  Well, I say God made me this way, and He's certainly not going to let me down when I get to heaven!!  Whatdyathink?

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